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Be the D backs just like the Rockies the night before, decided to play, despite what Matt Kemp's individual decision was, and then, upon further reflection is Trevor Story alluded to. They found it to be a missed opportunity to support Matt, among other reasons, So I guess my personal approach with this is I'm just trying to be really careful. I'm not implying you're not Ryan. I'm just trying to be really careful on what I ascribe to people's thoughts and motives and emotions in this whole process. I think we would all be better off if everybody took that approach. But you understand in the hot, take care of sports. How that it kind of gets lost by the wayside doesn't seem very quickly here. They came out with a statement saying they supported the Rockies earlier, right, And then later they were issued This one like, Well, we actually want to kind of backtrack that a little because we weren't exactly on the same page. Yeah, I missed that, then. Ryan, I'm sorry I didn't At sea that that part of it. Yeah, And they just they had quote tweeted. They didn't quote tweets that we were standing solidarity. And then they later on issued this but what we really wanted to do with this and it's a great point. You bring up Mike, because not everybody has the same approach to this and they shouldn't have to, because they're all Individual Americans playing on a team there. I'll have to see see things the exact same way, but at the same time, there's there's different forms, I guess of solidarity. We use the word solidarity a lot. That's kind of I didn't mean interrupt You been going? Good point, I I just I guess I wonder how long this is going to carry on. I wonder if this is the beginning of an undercurrent that's going to last a long time. Or if this is ah blip. As we all sit here and and try to cope with the latest round of upsetting things in America. I think that's a really good question, Ben and I don't know. I don't know that anybody knows the players themselves may not know. I mean, if if there is reform that Players as a general group would like to see and some or all or a good portion, or some amount of that reform goes through. And changes are implemented. Then, then maybe it does die down. But if there's nothing done and there are further additional incidents, then certainly I think we could all see where this this might carry on for some time, even beyond the current seasons, But I don't really know that there's Is any way for any of us to know that right now it's a really good point. I want to get to a little bit on field because that is another reason I wanted to have you on because the Rockies had snapped quite quite a losing streak there think was seven straight. Before they won the last three or the Diamondbacks. How? What would you assess if you could assess anything? What would you assess for the change or the turnaround? Is it just They finally were able to get the timely hits. They were kind of held things together. I know. Last night I watched into the night tending when there was a little bit of a sweaty moment, but a little Yeah, just just so just the hair just a little bit. But, you know, I wonder what changed Because honestly, it seems like it's it's been a pretty similar approach. The battle woken up just a little bit better Last two games. Well, can you says to that? I think there's truth to that. Ryan. We've seen Nolan warm up a little bit Charlie obviously the Grand Slam last night, and he had gone through a bit of a down cycle after his 15 game hitting streak was snapped and he was, you know, hitting 4 50. Whatever for 60, whatever was, you know, he's still only a 3 90, so he's really select off. But but he had gone through gone a little bit colder. Trevor went through a bit of a down cycle. Some of the core guys in the bottom portion of the lineup wasn't producing as much. But Toppy has gotten hot. Tony Walters has chipped in a little bit more. Sam Hilliard's had a few big hits. But I also think even Mohr than that and Maura than the core guys sort of warming up again. I think I think the Rockies in Arizona had really good starting pitching, and so much of it comes down to that right. It's just the way baseball is. John Gray was was really good. And I mean, you look at the starters and what they've been able to accomplish here, even a Dodger Stadium. Now the Sunday game got away from them. They gave up the seven home runs that was an 11 to 3 game. But they lost 51 on Friday night. Kyle Freeland pitched really well in a 43 loss on Saturday night. They weren't the last one got away. They were blown out one of the three games they had a chance to win the middle game. And they went again went up against Walker Buehler in the first game of the Siri's when they lost 51 and, you know, he's just a great pitcher. So You go back to the Houston Games at Coors Field. You go back to the Ranger, Siri's and the pitching. The pitching took it a little bit of a dip. That's come back up, and I think we've seen the results now. The bullpen got a few issues. They made a couple of those games against Arizona. Pretty interesting as you alluded to, but, um, you know, hopefully hopefully, Wade Davis, Khun, get back. Hopefully, Cici can get back. He'll probably slot into that bullpen on the front end and and hope you know, they gotta have guys like Highroad Ia's iron some things out and get back to the way he knows he can pitch. Really quick, Mike Some of the sports books out here, putting the Rockies about 45 toe one to make the playoffs. Not great odds at this point. Do you think that the Rockies Khun Turn this thing around? Get hot. Get back in that playoff absolutely been, I'd have to look But.

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