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It happens then we get an interview with the brit boys who basically say undisputed heir need to keep their noses out of their business and they want to take out. Kyle o'reilly because he's standing between done in a title shot and that's the second time this week that they've been like a normal person is standing between you and a title shot like they did the same thing with the randy orton. They're like the fiends. Between you and the title and now it's like kylo riley's between you and a title shot is though because kyle just lost his title opportunity so that would mean hypothetically kyle's in the bag the line if there's people ain't kyle but yeah that's what they said in the segment and then we get the segment of the night and it is the fight. Pit promo between thatcher ciampa and that is another match. It's happening next week. I'm so excited for in. These two guys are so good. You could feel the passion coming out like this. Felt like a pre-match interview for a ufc fight like this didn't feel like oh i'm gonna beat you up. Well no beat you know it was just so impassioned and like there was clever stuff about it to my favorite was the fact that the beginning obviously thatcher wasn't able to wrestle at the fire pit at new year's evil because of an undisclosed injury ciampa looks at me goes. What is that injury. Tell me what it is and thatcher looks at me goes. It won't affect the fight. Don't worry about it and that's smart. That's so smart. I love timothy thatcher because of how smart he is as a character because he's full on like if i tell you how i got injured you're going to target that in my match. I'm not telling you that ciampa and goes on to say that that is a great wrestler but as a teacher he's a piece of garbage and I forgot about this. This was the moment that did make me unintentionally laugh which was fatuous was talking about like his what they were saying. And he's like right now. This is what you see when ally in stares down zebra and just do. I look like a freaking zebra to you and me. It was very very good. Like i got literal chills off this segment. Because i mean they wouldn't stop blocking eye contact. They were telling each. Oh i will destroy you. It was good up next week at a promo from the undisputed era promoting a the rivalry with the brit. Boys which is my temper temporary name for them. And also the fact that in the main event in the dusty cup they're going to be fighting against breeze zongo and this is also another moment of the night exclusively for fans of departy on up up down down but the vacuum that out of coal said tyler breeze knows i got a lotta respect. A lot of respect for so. Go listen to them. Play to understand that joke. I'm now realizing just how disappointing this next match was. By the way. Because i j- i genuinely forgot to do it in the opening stinger but it's m s que versus jake atlas isaiah swerve scott and man. You think i would have been more excited for the rascals debut. Think i would have been like. Oh we got to open the show talking about the rascals but man they are very generic in wwe now. Like one of its. Wesley and can't even remember what they named the other one. I can't remember it. that's how generic it is now. They did do fun. Flippy shit which is to be expected when the rascals get in the ring. I do feel like in this match. Did them a disservice. Though the fact that commentary didn't put it over as like..

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