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Tastes like crap you know but just to get him in my bloodstream. Quicker and nothing is more important thing about that. He was out minutes to go before. Starting lineups any standing on the corner up there at the garden waiting for his oxy dealer. It's it's madness. It's insane thinking but that's where we were. We were at the time. I got jim jackson on next hour. You the best. Jimmy jackson just to save five. Forget wasn't unbelievable basketball player. He gave me fits a might be a better analyst. He's an unbelievable basketball analyst. And he he put you on lockdown occasionally. How did he. I think he gave me fifty one. I was coming back from a from a thumb injury and they went at me. He was in dallas and I i think you have to ask him about it. But i think he gave me fifty. Michael never gave me fifty fifty. Yeah do you think guy circle that that game on their calendar. When they knew that they were they were going to face you. I hope so. Because i circled down. Yeah but who did. Who did you know you were going to have a great game. You just couldn't wait you. You'd never you'd never yeah you can now. Okay vinny del negro unit know. You knew you were going to light up. Vinny del negro. I can't i can't say that was great. Jed no idea okay idea. Yeah you could light up. Vinny del negro guy. Yeah yeah well not anymore more. Hey it's great to talk to you as always Why chris paul tonight. But you get to watch devon booker. Oh man how are these signs. And and i'm i'm a homer of course biased But look at. Let's look at what's left. The signs are the most complete team left. I feel like they defend. They defend life better than any of the teams left. They share the ball like a college team account. Say enough about monica williams. And i've been around this this squad some dan. You know what a college atmosphere feels like and when it's really good it's really good. These players love monty williams like they love their their favorite college coach to a person. He's i'm and he's changed. The culture james jones robert sauber made a great hire and the cultures completely changed devon booker's obviously star deondraye eight come leaps and bounds. So look out for the sons of they. Get chris back in her healthy. I don't know anybody can beat them. I i would ask you this. But i know the answer because you're not gonna know the answer. Where can people find your podcast charges. I'm gonna say anywhere your apple spotify do all of that stuff iheartradio charges okay outlook. I'm getting the hang of you are you are. Yeah you mature in there and it looks like you made your bed to well i did. I got in trouble for not doing that. last time. dan go hardship out of college. It takes some time you know. I love it back then. Rex win hardship. Wasn't it really. Were you hard shipping. How much did your dad make at the time. Oh he wasn't making very was back. Then you could go. It was called going hardship. And i remember well almost. Nobody did at the that. I was doing it kind of slowed down. And i did intend on leaving anyway. We were going on probation. You know that because not because of you right..

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