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Seventy five percent of our community here can't have solar because we've got complete tree cover of the top. I can't get a satellite dish year because of the trees. I can get satellite because the truth either so solar does really well in your area eastern washington eastern oregon in the deserts there to do really well in my area here now up in portland you know twenty minutes north of me. There's it's more neighborhoody and they don't have the the tree productions that we have here. I'm very much in the forest. So i think there's going to have to be a balance there but even even with that. I think we're going to have some issues. It's gonna take a while to get to that point where we can actually be able to charge that many cars. Well a lot of what we're talking about is gonna take a while and a lot of people are making their best guess would elon. Musk started tesla Oh his shaw. This will never be anything. And i believe the value of tesla with just three cars on the market is triple that afford right now. Yeah so yeah he. He made good guests and he made a good enough. Because they're the. I actually liked the pfister car better when it came out at the same time. As the tesla but didn't have a good enough leader didn't have i guess. Maybe he had his own backup system in their heads of money of his own just in case but he made that work and he did a great job with that and yeah. I wish i wish other cars like that. I also wish it was easier to get an old like an old mercedes. Benz two eighty s l. Get rid of that it's am. It's got a huge hud. Okay yeah of course..

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