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Cost anywhere near as much. She expect to have more content and I think there's not a disagreement amongst the journalists out there and the people in the analysts you're sitting there saying HBO has a Massive Library Hbo Max has the potential of being super successful I. Don't think there's any debate about that I think the biggest debate is whether or not they do the right move to make HBO Max. This service that legitimately has the ability to compete with every service out there to the the largest degree possible I. think that's the biggest thing. All right. So then jumping over to peacock Joe Exotic series, the series pickup at NBC Universal Air on multiple platforms including peacock, and then there's a dystopia drone short film called sky watched that is being adapted into television series at peacock as well. Known as streaming services, other providers, not specifically streaming but there is now rumors that at and T. is looking to sell direct TV and by all accounts that makes perfect sense. There's been rumblings about this for quite some time specifically before we've heard recently this new desire within each t to sell off their assets that they can sell off to focus on other assets because they do have some debt. Specifically. I believe it's like one hundred and fifty billion dollars of debt. A lot of that comes from the word media acquisition that they had. The biggest thing is DIRECTTV has been a service that has floundering for years. It's basically had less than half of what it was bought for it. So it makes sense for them to try to offload every single quarter we hear about how their subscribers leaving. Direct TV, there's more and more people leaving and there's less and less people subscribing. It makes perfect sense. There's been rumblings over dish network to potentially create a larger company by a gain direct DIRECTTV but I think there's some antitrust issues with that. But overall, it makes perfect sense for eighteen to try to get rid of direct TV for a couple of reasons. One it's up, it's not profitable long-term. And there's been some rumors that they were looking to sell DC comics I completely think those were baseless rumors that had no ground whatsoever. But then there were also rumors that they were looking to sell WB Games which hypothetically it's possible. But the thing is the dollar signs that they were saying that they wanted for it seemed low considering the perspective the potential of money that they could be making video games is huge video games are hotter than ever, and if you've got enough video games are producing, you can make a lot of profit on video. Games is just the nature of the business right now. So it doesn't make any sense to sell off a division that is one profitable, but also has the potential to be more profitable as time progresses direct TV on the other hand is the complete opposite. They've got no potential to grow unless they comple- lease shift over to the Satellite Internet? Situation that we've been that a lot of other companies have been getting in on including Amazon including Elon Musk's company. There's that potential, but they haven't shifted that focus so it's not like they're already going to. Be Behind everybody else who's already been working on that for a long period of time it makes sense. It also is a company that is actually still has some sort of value to it. There's twenty billion dollar price tag isn't something small. It's nowhere near the amount of money that some of these other divisions that they've talked to. You know that people have said they're talking about selling cruncher for a billion dollars which like I, said I think that was a little bit high. There is perspective that you could say any of the divisions are worth. More than they are worth less than they say but I honestly believe that direct TV is something that they should offload as soon as possible because it's just going to progressively get valued less and less and less as time progresses. Yeah man also people are making such a big deal about eighteen Danton in look like they do a lot of debt and it's not insignificant amount of debt but you know the past couple of years after the great recession companies have been piling on more debt due to there being Schmila interest rates now has the endemic skinheads. Companies have taken out more loans because they've been either cheap i. need them just advantage of interest rates. Now you've lower or a lending rules have been eased so they can get more capital that way. So any anyway lots of lots of corporate debt in. Companies, also have seem amount are relative relative amount of of debt for eighteen as eighteen does. So I don't understand this concept of why people are so focused on eating dead it's it's if we really were more concerned, we'd be care about all other companies they have even more debts, but even still up uber trending titus down to well, you know there's there there's All this debt and trying to make the money back and it's like. Well, if you even look at it let's let's let's not look at where we are currently. Let's take a step back dirty TV's been losing money for losing subscribers for years. Now, every quarter every quarterly report we talked about with at, you bring up Dr, TV's numbers of spin lower and lower. And lower keillor moving away from satellite able people moving away from cable in general but also satellite cable. So it makes sense why they're trying to sell off as a can like yes. Do they still subscribers to the still have the paying users obviously but is that good for et's bottom line to invest in a company that's losing subscribers? No, it probably should go. To a different company that can that is okay with the numbers have an attorney grody for more or tried to utilize other parts of direct TV like Droid TV for me. The value is that it is got tons of experience with consumers axis incapable via satellites like there's a big push with.

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