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Famous charge me fifteen hundred dollars to do the same shit of seventy five bucks. Finally one of the person who worked from said Shins. You a lot right said Oh man but he also like for me. I figured you know he looked at me like he's got it to speak a little come on mom and you got the money. You're the animal you got this you got ship. Exactly. And I did. So maybe he was right and he did sex me so I own that. That's the bottom line I'm which is a back after Armitage's your back. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Do Scrape talking to you man and congrats on the specials very funny. Asian wives, Mexican kids. Thank you. jerod appreciate admits it's been fun in the appreciate you have me continue success in health for you. Same new get to see down the road somewhere soon I'm sorry I couldn't figure out that other stuff. I. Mean I, have nobody to help me out. I got nobody nobody assistant can work right now and the creative guys. We're not taxman when I've tell us why as soon as you couldn't get it rolling I called my producer stays can you please help us because I don't know what to do. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong if he's doing wrong for both doing it. Wrong. So it worked out I'm so yeah I'm glad. I'm glad we got. You can cut this down to eight minutes. Before and a half. Once, we finish the, you can do stop the rest of get rid of it would appreciate I will thanks brother take care man thank you. Take care. Bye Now Tom Com. Hey Richard I'm just making some copies Tom Stirred Tom Man I'm tom how you doing Richard. The Tom stir making copies Mr Thome dumb Yeah. Tom..

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