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Know what in the nineteen seventy world series I I took a heartbreak when we got clobbered by Baltimore, a great seven game series and seventy two against the as a great great world series against Boston to sweets, after that I was jacked up on fall of them and I would be jacked up again if the red we're in it, and as far as Bado hit four hundred. What did you say to two hundred eighty eight game three point one? That's right around two hundred sixty a fact that he plays all of them, and he hit four, hundred or two hundred and fifty back. He's got my respect. There's no doubt about dad. Hey, send my best to your daughter. Senator Mike. Congrats all right. Thank you so much. Thank you for the call. Yeah, let's do the math here. It's eighty two to qualify for the batting title. It's the number of games in a season times three point one plate appearances I. I'm pretty sure and that, so that's that's two, and that's eight zero, and that's a six there and twenty four. That's a two four and carry the one. But their math on the radio live with Lance mcallister, that's two hundred and fifty four plate appearances to qualify for the title that means if someone who who hit more than that, but only had two hundred plate appearances. They wouldn't qualify to beat out. But in context of history I view it differently I. Think most would I think there's team in teams. Would all be competing well as I say this I can think of the counter, but I was GONNA say teams would all be competing in the same games? It'd be eighty two game window for everybody in the world series debate as as Terry Francona references. Hey, everybody has eighty two games the last one. One standing is the winner you could argue. Everybody would have the same eighty two games to accumulate their batting average. Why would it be well? It wouldn't be different in terms of who won the batting title. It would be different viewed in terms of if it was the accomplishment of hitting four hundred for the first time since one, thousand, nine, hundred eighty. What is how I would view it? You would certainly had. Everybody would would have the same chance to win the batting title for Eighty Two gapes. And,.

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