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Do you know, with every surgery there is risk, you know, we sign ourselves the forms to say, we accept that risk and we know what they are. Now, I fully understand this is all to do with the NHS is what their reports about. They looked at 8 studies. How can 8 studies out of hundreds and hundreds of women that have had surgeries, you know, you look at the pros and cons. The pros massively outweigh I'm now being subjected to continuous the chance that this will continue to progress in the areas that have not been treated because we don't know how long these studies are going to take. The studies where they're being done in Germany, they're still operating. Why? I made that decision. I am not, you know, we've had to fund this ourselves. What right have they got to take that away from me and stop my preventing me from having all the surgeries, which I need, because I can't continue with this journey. I can certainly hear Marie what a frustrating process it has been for you and it's clearly a condition that is impacting your life on a day to today basis. We do thank you for coming on the program and sharing your story. A nice spokesperson said, we would like to recommend treatments that are safe and effective for this condition, but we can not compromise on safety. The committee hopes that a randomized controlled trial currently taking place in Germany could provide the high quality evidence they need to revise their recommendation on this procedure once the study has reported its findings. We will review our guidance and we too here at women's hour will revisit this story when we have those findings. Our thanks also to shari fed cert, the chair of lipedema, UK, someone's got in touch with us, Val, who also has stage three Luka doma and basically says it has changed his life and due to the nice guidelines all surgeries now are being suspended..

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