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Almost have to sign Justine Simons, who I think is a hell of a good player. You could literally be committing like 26. Maybe $27 million to your two starting safeties. I would have to think that would be That would be the top five of the NFL and maybe in the top half of the top five and they need a quarter cornerback help. That's what they need back there, but both their safeties they're ranked in the top 100, the League of players, not just safety players. Karim's deal was 19 33,002,003 years. $1920 just last year here, so I would imagine there's no, there's no bonus. He probably has no guaranteed money that the Broncos I believe the Broncos should they release cream Jackson could save On their salary cap. I mean, there are economic reasons to contemplate that move for sure. And a couple of others on the team. I mean, you're all cases. In a similar situation. Maybe Corinne takes her haircut. Dad comes back. Yeah, especially if I like her. I think Karim's hell of a player me to his detractors. If that's the right way it is Term. It would say, I'm gonna interceptions. I think he had one interception this year, but he's a tone setter. For me. He's a safety that can play in the middle of the field. But if you want to bring him down I mean, he didn't look like he'd be that guy, but he's that guy. He's that guy that in the box, Concetta sort of momentum in a game simply with A well placed big time hit. Right. He's to me. He's the juice. He's one of the juice. Guys of the defense. I just like the way place and I understand the economics of it. But I would hate I would hate to let him walk out the door. I was a little surprised They didn't play him a cornerback this year, especially last year, too. When they had all the problems, they just kept him at the safety position. What do you think They did that when they had a guy that played corner for nine years in the league? Yeah, but he's He's played nine years in the league, so maybe they already lost a step. Yeah. I mean, I don't think Kareem could play on a regular basis. I don't think Kareem complain corner. I think Kareem is hell of a safety. His his career, and he rightfully mentioned that started a corner. But now I think it's I think it's safety, but they have. They have to have a couple corners, whether in the draft or You know, at a bus stop. You got to find a couple guys in the ever And hopefully Callahan comes back healthy. Is he had a heck of a year. Yeah, until he got hurt. Yeah. If he comes back plays like he did last year, and you get a A either in the draft or trade or whatever. Really solid cornerback on the other side, Even even in the first round, there's talk that they'll take a cornerback. That'll be interesting, too. I think that would be an upset. If the number nine picture they keep. It is not a corner. Minutes in Patrick's retained his name mentioned the kid from Virginia Tech, those of the two top corners on most people's boards. So I would think the Broncos would have an interest there if they keep the ninth overall pick 7 to 0635. Can you get your head around 40 year? Mm. No. Nobody could do that. Nobody. Nobody. I know Wayne Newton. You think when even I don't know Wayne Newton. You make that kind of money. Mr Las Vegas. Rick, is he still there? You were there last weekend. I didn't see him. He's still on the marquee anywhere. He's on the marquee, encouraging people to wear masks. We walk in the airport, he's only worth 50 million. Well, they didn't get his head wrapper. Oh, yeah, my 50 50. Yeah, yeah. 7193861. Thanks Goodness. Thank goodness for this. Russell Wilson story was just thinking there weren't enough or there wasn't enough quarterback speculation flying around this off season, right? Absolutely up. 9 26 is our time. Dave Logan Recluse Kathie Lee With a good morning and Kaylee news radio prescription opioids convey addictive and dangerous..

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