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Next news story. I wanna remind everybody that you can go to patriots dot com slash. Kind of funny games where you can get the show ad free and speaking of ads this i was about to go read the ad myself. We still do that. Let us tell you about our sponsors. This episode is brought to you by hp. Max if you hear you probably love video games but sometimes we have to face the cold hard truth. We can't game all the time. Sometimes we gotta kick back and watch the movies and tv too so it's a good thing. Hbo max's here to save the day with all of your favorite dc content hbo. Max has an expansive superhero collection to feed your phantom greg miller stoped of course the got wonder woman they got justice league. Starve that woman. Hbo zab suicide squad. The list goes on of course plus the streaming platforms you. Download your favorite titles and take them with you on the go. All the digital collections handpicked by humans not robots personally. I've been a whole bunch of different things over on hbo. I love all the releases. We we got the matrix now coming out in december. That's really exciting. We got malignant. I'm about to watch weekend. Check out. Some of the best superhero continent so much more only on hbo max. It's streaming today by going to h. b. o. dot com slash kind of funny dc. That's h. b. o. N. dot com slash. Kinda funny d c next up. Shout out to rooster teeth last laugh season two. I was a huge fan of season one. Mainly because my boy i'll freida was in it but season two can't wait for it. Here's the whole pitch for do not laugh. It's part gameshow part. Social experiment hundred percent evil laugh challenge spectacular last laugh returns for a second season with twelve. Contestants gathered for six hours to see who literally last last if they laugh smile or smirk. They're eliminated and prevented from dethroning season. One champion the homie blaine gibson. The host of the show. Jeff ramsey release will so. That's super awesome. They have a new collection surprises. But will they be enough to break the contestants we'll have to find out Last last season to debut september ninth. I'm rooster teeth. You can catch up on all of the season one right now. Story number three next year called duty game is modern warfare. Two this is andy. Robinson video games chronicle next year is called the game will be a sequel to twenty one thousand nine hundred modern warfare. That's according to credited insider. Tom henderson matches..

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