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Worry all right. So wrapping up drug interactions. We are going to have a similar pretty similar. Drug interaction profile with two kroll. Ms so cyp. Three four inhibitors are going to raise concentrations of cyclosporin Probably the the one. I at least alert patients more so to use grapefruit juice so that is something that they could just pick up on their own not be paying attention or forget they were educated about it and start drinking it and it can significantly raise concentrations of cyclist born If you're a healthcare professional trying to monitor these patients may be your primary care Managing hypertension or you know an infection or something else There's lots of different drugs that inhibit cyp three four Easel antifungal z- Even drugs like him. Motin or appraisal. Lamb clara meyson. All those drugs can potentially raise the concentration of cyclosporin and potentially put them into an area where they're they're becoming toxic because drug levels go up too high on the flipside inducers Finnegan carbamazepine hampton. We've got to be aware. If we've got a patient on immunosuppressive agents organ transplantation and obviously on cyclosporin that Those drugs that are inducers can lower drug concentrations live vaccines. I discussed a little bit further in the the tacoma's Podcast you might wanna go check out. Check that out echinacea. I mentioned as well nefer toxicity. is important with cyclosporin and we can have those additive effects from other agents And saids in you know. Combination with diuretics. In combination with ace inhibitors. Those can raise the risk of real impairment and potentially added on to the effects of cyclosporin Antibiotics i think of vancomycin amino gla- gleich asides those can have that effect as well in addition to potential renal effects. Ace inhibitors arbs. Could potentially exacerbate the hyper. Kalima effect From cyclist born. Obviously any other drug that can raise potassium levels like spiraling lactone Can have that effect as well. Cyclosporin also does some inhibitory effects on cyp three a four itself so drugs that are broken down by cyp. Three a four Kind of the classic common example Are certain statins lova statin simvastatin a tourist and these are all broken down At least in part by cyp three a four so cyclosporin inhibiting cyp three or four could significantly raise the concentrations of some of those stands so very very important to think about all the drug interactions personally as a pharmacist. If i thinking new drug is going to be added or i'm recommending a new medication or over the counter. I'm going to do a quick drug interaction. Screen recognizing that you know. You don't see cyclosporin unless you're in a transplant unit..

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