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Radio dot com for any of those type the home show with richard mckeon boom you've got what janine going to be a beautiful weekend everybody get out and do something so i was telling you about little project we're doing around the house and how i might have failed as as a home improvement guru i'm i'm thinking i made a mistake say because like i said he didn't like her closet she's like well i think i can put a double rod in here and then we can go up with some more shelves and i thought i'm saying you know where we could just get rid of a lot of these clothes oh yeah that was funny i thought i could get away with that so doubt the the the the close ride ripped out the shelves decided she wanted to patch the walls put in something different my thought i'm watching spiderman right now it's awesome from disney and so she's been learning how to patch plaster using joint compound like i said she's getting pretty good at it i didn't probably show her well enough out to do certain things and so she said last sunday she's like i am going to i'm going to go in there and work on the closet top years on go for it and from the other room i hear sanding plaster we've all done it well i hope you have at some point and after a while i hear different sound and i hear that sounds like a vibrating sander and then i thought to myself oh god that is vibrating sander palm sander for not expensive great to have around which know what not designed for plaster not designed sheet rock especially if you never done it before and so i.

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