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So we made those two like making off I stop, and it was about mixing film schools until soundtracks and covers things that people kind of. But then that with its film quotes alone songs and different versions of things. And it was just a really fun kind of canvas to. To experiment. So I got him stop. And and how long does with other things. And I and it's gonna continue to be fair makes type which would he's gonna stop them. And will in the raising it became you. Try to do the whole like we know about cooperation and original songs. So he goes welcome people that we meeting it goes and people friends hanging out with and that was really fun. You know, I'm the miss this this when I guess it was made to be like a bridge between second album on the knee one that anything next year. And I guess, you know. Like, I won't sign was down ending with home. Which is song. You know, quite kind of wild wild was meant to be a nice way, it's titled together and just to back on this stuff. Took it on a lost album and fun of bringing it through your clothes and breaks. But just your by about my cat. Stevens is just is when it's really. When I was a kid so is or going on the house in the car, and he's like United school like mess. I love the vice day as in terms of how ingrained is against the cover that looks like it's like seventy we just especially if you read just we just did a spouse of is as we as we could. One of a few other covers on the on the project as well, including and vogues, don't let go how how do you? Choose these covers that you do for the mix tapes. I guess I guess because they're can still like the. What we think of having them? They just make us really happy. I'm I'm like, undeniable on also something about the cassette straight of of putting music. I think can you feel like the kind of a allowed these there's like that..

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