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Twenty eight thousand feet receive just call for cost information intelligence housing lender n._m._l._s. number thirty thirty we'll get back to sixty minutes in just a moment here but before we do we want to check the roads once again with alden jacomb there's a new situation in richmond eighty westbound before mcbride avenue a stalled big rig and that is blocking the exit lane at the moment not really causing too much of a disturbance obviously you have four other lanes to work with but just make sure you stay to your left if you need to exit at mcbride you might wanna hold on hold off on that maybe exit sampaio dam road instead that will save you the trouble of trying to swerve around this truck then looking at the lower deck of the bay bridge eastbound eighty after fourth street the two left lanes are blocked by two car crashes pretty much right after the start of the lower deck just try and stadia right that'll help you get through as quickly as possible you'll see delays from that first street on ramp you might want to take the san mateo bridge and said that'll probably help you get through quick or san mateo one zero one southbound you have the two left lanes blocked this is between poplar and third avenue used to eighty instead and san jose watch out for a wrong way driver six eighty southbound after capitol avenue they're driving on the left shoulder traffic when you need it on the traffic leader k._c._b._s. patchy fog at the coast right now will burn off later this morning giving us mostly sunny skies throughout the bay area highs today upper sixties at the beaches mid seventies along the bay low nineties inland let's get back to sixty minutes now on case c._b._s. why did it take sixty minutes fifty one years to profile the most successful musician and composer in popular music history maybe it's because it's nearly impossible to find something new or surprising to talk.

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