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Right. And it was just a matter of opportunity, right? Opportunity. I'm just can't game plan for somebody like here. And then he just really is like a cheat code. Oh, yeah. That's what I call them as we as a team, call them the Chico 'cause he's just too big. No, that's true. He's he's guys skill. He's got touch, and it's it's crazy that he's at big and coordinated able to move can pass Gallo jump hook. Is is crazy how he's just that big and actually has skilled like real skill that translates. Yeah. Well, we were in Detroit. I would I would say it the most. Punctures and it was because we had Andre out there. He played he played a lot. When we got over to LA opportunity last year, we got to play and he just flourish in those minutes, and then just showed everybody where he can do it. And now he's getting his his chances and roll here. So it's been it's been good and here he loves LA himself. So he's he's having a fun time. I think my favorite episode was when you guys were in this Bank class. He was he he was I I seen on Instagram like a while ago. When you try to go in the summertime, they didn't have shoes fit. So I was like wonder where he got the shoes from actually fit on these bikes, and I just pictured like all the women in that's been class. Just the cycle clashes so confused as to like how he's able to ride the bike and just his personality intensive humor throughout the whole thing was just great. It was it was it was a funny episode where there were so many on in in that whole. Larry's, but we can't put him out there. Just because when I get in trouble with customer, whatever. But it was we had that was like when we were filming on that stuff. That was like one of the most of my funny day like that I have been around here, and he just walk around. I'm a movie star. I yeah. You gotta boss you the movie star. He's no him. No movie star. Okay. That was great. But the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs was was legendary all all in Hawaii L. No, cool. That was my first time being on those like RV thing. So I I I was like now what are we doing like training camp? But once we start I was like, oh shoot. This is this was actually it was fun season. How about you? We gotta get you in like acoustic, funniest big like nurk. I mean, you could do something like that America grace has humor. But I think ET's the funniest player I've ever played way like his personalities unbelieveab-. -able? He is he is unlike anyone you ever come in contact with just like the way he comes out with jokes. And then how serious he is. But like. He's just quite Franken in super blunt, man. He just just the funny do so I would say that if if nurk and e t did TV show will be Larry's because obviously you got nerve coming straight from Bosnia. But he he has our slaying down like he has a lot of our wording down understands. Right. So so it will be funny. Just what people see like, you know, nervous. Really one of us started up. You never know, man. Anything is possible. We'll have to I don't know if we can have the the Bobi Toby, but try we're gonna wait see this one. I keep you posted might be calling for some for helping advice with Tobias Gary v. I didn't know that was your guy. He's a he's a good buddy of mine out to Gary he's gonna come on the pod soon. He's one of the he's one of the realist guys out there. So I I'm I'm glad we had that in common. That'd be funny. He's trying to buy the jets as I knew he was trying to buy. I didn't know if he was I knew he was serious about it. But I didn't know he was really really serious. So he really is. He really is. He told me he told me the summary is like, you know, I don't I don't need a jet. I don't need a hotel. I just need the jets. I don't need a private plane. I don't need anything. I want the jets. That's why it works hard. He loves it. Me. Neither is a New York, man. Those those New York jersey guys they love they love the hometowns. They love the hometown sports programs.

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