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You're approaching that seven street off ramp, and he spots a suspicious device. Bomb squad called in freeways shutdown. We had the ten in the fifty one in the two zero two also yesterday the ramps. Yeah. You ended up being detoured where you probably didn't wanna go. Yeah. But the ride times they got insane honest, didn't they we got up to fifty seven minutes on the westbound two oh two red mountain freeway, and when you got to the I ten mini stack. First of all not everybody knew what the mini stack was restarted its Jesus out of a lot of people. But that's the fifty one I ten and two zero two red mountain freeway interchange that was a fifty seven minute ride from the one zero one on over. But when you got there, you still wanted to go west, you didn't wanna go eastbound ten so everybody ended up on the surface streets to what it snarled things up pretty bad. It was a giant mess. And then we find out wasn't a bomb. It was actually a traffic counting device and the American Association of governments raises their hand they said that was us, but they didn't say our. Bad. They said it was this traffic heading device that have been put there by a contractor who they also say followed all the appropriate permitting processes. So you're saying yourself. Okay. Well, then so an aid worker was the one who saw this. And didn't know what it was come on. That's department of transportation. It's a maintenance worker. This is not somebody we. Yeah. This is not somebody who's, you know, probably well versed in traffic technology. They're you know, they're there to make sure that everything's trim back in the in. The roads are clean and safe that kind of stuff did you get to see the the item. I did it was still listed mitt. It was all kinds of wires strapped around the pogo. I pulled next to it. Did look very odd say that. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, if I was walking alongside the freeway, and I saw I might I might raise the alarm as well. But so that that's what it was Paul Calvi, by the way has decided to leave sportscasting he said he was going to make a run for public office and his whole his whole platform is going to be banning traffic counting devices. It's also unfortunate. But you know, when you get right down to it real deal. And you don't know what it is. You almost had to do with the ad. The safe than sorry for. Sure. All right. Well, Dan will be back to tell you. What's going on in the traffic this morning? It's. Much better. Trust me time. Now for a check with Kim. Commando forget regular doorbells video doorbells that you see and speak with whoever's outside and also record visitors at your door while your home or away and INA surprise turn thieves. Love them..

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