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Yes. My brother say, and that's what we started doing when we came back from school. We started to watch the Cosby show. Before the allegations against him. We stayed the watch wrote sane before we learned that she actually hates documentary immigrants. We started to watch the Simpsons on FOX before we knew that we shouldn't be watching FOX. On when our motor came from from work and started to watch novellas. We didn't watch on the Bella. We heard anymore is dead. We work. We went to a room on we study. And we practice the word that we learn especially the Tracy words from Barnes seeing some guy Banga it might short, dude. On Sundays are mall will come into the room. And we'll ask because those hundred me are you guys talking about me? And sometimes we were but most of the time you're trying to learn new words, the only time that we allow ourselves to us moving spines was on the weekends. When we went to rent the Mexican moves. But then one day I decided I'm going to rent one movie English. So my motorcycle has to the to the video store, and that's what I did. I rent a one moving Inglis even without asking her under five afternoon. I we watched one with that Mexican movies, and when the movie ended I put the movie in Italy that I have rented. It was the Eddie Murphy raw comedy special. I mean, I thought it was just a regular movie have beginning me, hang plugged. But no, it was this guy that what you're studying really fat. And we couldn't understand anything. So I fought for what the movie a little bit. Nothing. I find forward that movie some more. I not in I fought forward the movie at third time. And then I saw Eddie Murphy was moving his leg up and down to to. Tune to the music. She did this doodo scream. John tune around. He did the moon work. He was making Michael Jackson. We knew Michael Jackson was was so freaking funny. So my brother, and I we started the point that funny. Funny funny, pointing at each other funny funny was sitting on the floor in between the DVD and a sofa an tune around to see my mother to see she was laughing, but she was looking glass with a strange look on her face. She was looking at us like she didn't know who we were. We were alien to her. They we were strenuous. So I told my brother to go into the kitchen and get some popcorn sodas, and my brother didn't like to be around. But he liked bokram sodas better. So he ran into the kitchen, and when my brother got the on ready, I took the movie out and I put one Mexican movies instead. And by the time, I brought it came back with the pub- from he sort of Mexican movie was playing he didn't say anything he sat next to my mom, and my mother Hakim, and they come together and I wanted to do the same. But I was fifteen years also was to to do that. So instead, I got up and I sat on the other side or sofa. And I look at my mom, and I look at my brother because I knew that we had to get used to this country that we had to learn to speak English. So we could get better grades and eventually a good job. But in the moment in that tiny apartment, we just needed to be a family. Thank you. What was Nestor Gomez since he found his voice, he's not stopped using at the time of this recording. He's told stories at the moth a whopping one hundred and twenty six times, which is indeed a moth record. That's true started producing and hosting his own show called eighty minutes around the world. It features the stories of immigrants descendants and allies Nestor show inspired this episode. Thank you, Mr.. See a picture of Nestor and his mom..

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