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Of oil walmart up now by five point one percent west texas intermediate crude up two point six percent took fifty eighty seven a barrel brent crude is at 15th six fifty three by one point three percent the euro has strengthened after catalonia's presidents stepped back from declaring immediate independence from spain the dollar weakened against most major currencies as president trump's feud with senator bob corker clouded the future for his muchheralded tax reform certainly a lot of questions in washington about the odds of tax reform thomas diagnosis is equity strategist at ubs asset management well i th i think it constructive portfolio base on the valuation or kindu x tax cuts if here solely relying on that then you're you're making a vat on alert maybe a level of expertise that most people don't have because i think the the direction this can go we'll we'll be determined by things that are hard to predict airline stocks flying higher today jumping for the second time in a week after american airlines group cited unexpected strengthened ticket prices and united continental holding shored up its financial outlook united continental up now by four point six percent american airlines higher by four point six press that was well s p up four power by two tenths of one percent the dow up fifty six up three tenths of one percent nasdaq up one tenth of one percent gold is 12 eighty fifty the ounce up four tenths of one percent i'm charlie pellett that's a bloomberg business flash appreciated charlie pellett you're listening to bloomberg markets and this is pulled back yeah technology are facing some calls for taxes to be collected in the uk and also all sorts of new regulations as it relates to the issues of fake news in beyond mrs sarah frier joins us right now for the first time how congratulations circular last said oh sandy sara this this these issues at the heart of silicon valley's is sort of libertarian notion that yellow pay their taxes but they really want to sort of be above government they want to be a source of sort of.

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