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And all the Delaware river bridges, are looking good next update in less than ten minutes I'm Jim master in the TruMark financial twenty Four hour traffic center Parts of India have been inundated by severe flooding, correspondent Elaine Quixote says. Thousands are trapped India the state of Kerala has been devastated by the worst flooding in a century more. Than three hundred fifty people have been killed and around eight hundred. Thousand are now homeless the intense downpours started almost two weeks ago and have triggered raging floods and landslides officials say the weather is improving and they hope to rescue nearly ten. Thousand people by Monday Al Sharpton was ripping into President Trump on his. MSNBC show this weekend addressing the president's insults toward former White House aide Amoroso manigault Newman who recently wrote a tell all book Sharpton told the president. To show some respect like Aretha Franklin's nineteen, sixty seven hit song So in the words of my late friend Aretha Franklin show some are ESPN SC t. seemed Sharpton did not realize he spelled the word incorrectly Matt. Piper CBS news I'm Frank trainer and locally the archdiocese of Philadelphia has. Announced to priests who have been on. Administrative leave now unsuitable for ministry the details from KYW's. Andrew Kramer sixty, two year old Reverend. Andrew McCormick was placed on administrative leave back in twenty eleven while he was serving as pastor at Sacred. Heart parish in sweets Berg a year later McCormick was arrested on. Charges related to alleged sexual abuse of a minor to criminal trials ended in mistrials charges against them or them withdrawn also deemed unsuitable for ministry a sixty one year old Monsignor. Gregory per Lante at his request was granted a leave of absence in. Spring of last year while serving as pastor at Saint Cornelius parish in CHAD'S Ford shortly after the parish received the package with Perla days name on. It it was believed to contain a leak Drugs he was arrested this year following a criminal investigation that was placed in the program for. First time offenders Andrew Kramer KYW NewsRadio Now here's your eyewitness weather five day.

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