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Or restaurant you in the store they may be present game with what's called the waiver of liability and it will be warm and officially started on the forms that were not responsible for negligence and you get coke attorney Richard bell on the potential of signing a waiver to release businesses of liability if you get sick while they're there's fresh public anger over a black man being shot and killed by police this time in Atlanta body camera footage shows two police officers approached twenty seven year old ray shard Brooks while he was asleep in his car at a Wendy's drive through on Friday a breathalyzer and sobriety tests were administered videos from eye witnesses show the two officers then struggled to detain Mr Brooks as they move to arrest him wrestling in with him on the ground Mr Brooks is seen grabbing a taser from one officer and running away during the chase one officer fired his taser toward Mister Brooks Mr Brooks then appears to turn toward the police and aim the taser at them he was then shot to make a Miller is the victim's wife is gonna ever come to light and are they gonna get worse because right now seems like it's only becoming more aggressive officer Garrett Rolph could face a murder charge the medical examiner says the death was a homicide from gun shots to the back the cop who fired the shots has been terminated and the police chief in Atlanta has resigned marches and rallies were held at the Wendy's restaurant where the incident took place was set on fire new coronavirus cases in hospitalizations in record numbers swept through more states including Florida and Texas.

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