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Of wanton endangerment in the first degree. When under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life he wanted Lee shot a gun a gun. Excuse me into the apartment occupied by initials C. E. The grand jury this afternoon announcing that former Louisville Metro Police attacked break bread. Hankinson wasn't died in a wanton endangerment, which is not related to Briana Taylor's death. It was due to shooting into a neighbourhood neighbouring apartment as he faces three counts of wanton endangerment. The other two officers, sergeant Jonathan Mattingly, and detective Miles cost grow, were not indicted. Kentucky attorney General Daniel Camera provided a detailed account of the events that took place in the early morning hours of March 13th. He said the three officers executed on the warrant, and while it had been reported that it was a no knock warrant, Cameron said evidence and a witness accounts showed that they did not going address their presence. After no answer at the door. The officers breached The door of Briana Taylor's apartment. Sergeant Manically first entered the apartment where her boyfriend tennis blocker fired a shot at medically striking him in the leg. Mattingly returning six shots with Costco firing 16. As a result, Taylor was struck six times with one of those shots being fatal. FBI Ballistics determined the fatal shot came from detective cost Grove. It was inconclusive of any of Hankinson shot struck Taylor Cameron said that the two officers were justified in defending themselves, Cameron says he knows just how big the case has been. There's no doubt that this is a gut wrenching Emotional case and the pain that many people are feeling. It's understandable. I deeply care. About the value and sanctity of human life. Deserves protection. And in this case A human life was lost. We cannot forget that Cameron announcing that he will sign an executive order to create a task force when it comes to securing revealing and executing search warrants in Kentucky to ensure what happened to Taylor doesn't happen again. The attorney general, also adding that justice needs to be based on truth, not revenge. Governor Andy Bashir is expected to give his response to the grand jury's decision at four o'clock now the latest traffic and weather together. From the UC Health Traffic Center. You see health is proud to provide emergency care services are ers are standing by to provide the safe care you need. Learn more at UC health dot com. Highways or accident free at this hour, but plenty of slow spots South down 75 year heavy between 12 Street and Dixie Highway, North Bound, Slow Approaching 2 75 in Erlanger on up to the cut on the hill. Between the lateral and gal birth. Then between Glendale Milford into 75. You're also slow going on south bound 75 between Mitchell and 74 traffic heavy on North bound 71 now between Ridge and Stuart, I'm Rob Williams news radio 700 wlw. Now the lady's forecast from a train heating and cooling weather Center on news radio 700 wlw temperatures enough in the upper seventies for a warmer day. Partly cloudy but still nice for this time of year. Tonight that sky stays the same down to 56 tomorrow. Hit or miss clouds of the high of 78. There is ah, small rain chance due to the remnants of beta, but realistically, the majority of us will not see a drop of rain tomorrow from your severe weather station on nine. First warning. Meteorologist Jennifer Catch Mark News radio 700 wlw Right are showing a mostly cloudy sky Right now Our temperature is 74 degrees. The Ohio Department of Health Releasing latest covered 19 numbers this afternoon 903 new cases 78 new hospitalizations. Eight. New ICU admissions and 52 New Death NEWS radio 700.

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