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Were recapping the trial of derek. Chauvin week by week. He's the former minneapolis. Police officer charged with murder and manslaughter. In the death of george. Floyd later in the podcast. I'll talk with a criminal defense attorney about how it's going now that the prosecution is presenting its case against chauvin. If you listen to the trial this past week you probably heard or maybe hurt again. The end of george floyd life as chauvin knelt on his neck and two other officers held void down. The jury heard floyd say he couldn't breathe over and over. He says body hurt he called out mama and there were bystanders to urging officers to get off the handcuffed man telling him to take his pulse. Some bystanders gave emotional testimony as the state of minnesota presented. Its case in the minneapolis courtroom. Here's what we heard on friday. The most senior officer in the minneapolis. Police testified that his training never talk to kneel on a handcuffed person's neck lieutenant. Richard zimmermann homicide department says someone in handcuffs should be moved on their side or sitting up not lying face-down putting your neck for that amount of time is just uncalled for. I saw no reason why the officers felt they were in danger. If that's what they felt and that's what they would have to feel to be able to use that kind of force under cross examination by the defense attorneys zimmerman said he doesn't frequently interact with people on the street. He agreed that an officer needs to assess all circumstances when deciding whether to use force a video shown in court earlier in the week. Showed chauvin vince speaking on his own body camera talking to a bystander who argued chauvin should not have used the force did on. That's one person's opinion. But i can control the sky. Sizable dive looks like. It's probably something. The jury also heard. Many people say how guilty they felt as they watched floyd die and how deeply his death was felt christopher martin and nineteen year old. Who was a cashier at cub foods. Said floyd gave a twenty dollar bill but martin suspected was fake. He thought about just covering it himself but he told his supervisor on the stand. He blamed himself for the nine one. One call that brought the officers to the store. I would have just not gonna. Bill could have been avoided. Ella frazier was seventeen and with her younger cousin headed to a store. When she saw floyd and chauvin she recorded the video that went viral leading to worldwide protests and the relatively quick firing of chauvin and the other officers but she feels. Remorse is be nice. I stayed up apologizing and apologized.

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