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We are following a long standoff near Oak Grove high school in San Jose this morning it started around six last night at a home near trade winds drive in eagle lane officer served a search warrant in the area before the standoff started it's not clear if the search warrant is connected to the discovery of a bomb found at the high school this week SO zero eight ten business at the opening bell and it looks as though the markets are getting off to a positive start after a couple of days of negative starts corresponded Jessica Edgar is looking at the reasons behind the negative week on Wall Street investors are worried about trade wars they don't want to see new US tariffs on goods coming in from China they're supposed to happen on December fifteenth and there's no deal yet on the U. S. M. C. A. than after replacement for goods moving between the US Mexico and Canada well here come the brokerage wars is Charles Schwab is expected by TD Ameritrade according to C. N. B. C. sources and shares of each were higher shares of rival each trade dropped because it's not the one being bought by Schwab no residential peak surcharges it fed ex for deliveries this holiday season Black Friday is a week from today on today's watchlist the latest read on consumer confidence earnings from foot locker and JM Smucker and new in theaters Esty exes twenty one bridges Sony's Mister Rogers biopic a beautiful day in the neighborhood and Disney's frozen to which could have the biggest opening weekend ever for an animated film not released in the summer and we will check your Friday morning commute in just a moment marketing at as found a new crash on five eighty next on KGO with a letter opener and also to work on all of their ability in another city to literally melt.

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