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So. We're gonna know all these things by week, five because nobody knows anything yet, and that's the way it works. What have you got for us this week? We're early in the week in. This point, you know, we it's harder to appear down all the selections. The lines haven't stabilized. It's harder to early in the week. You can't get get down quite as much money. So I'm gonna give five six this week just because it's a little bit early. Okay. The first one is Cincinnati, which is a pick him over Baltimore, a hat Cincinnati. Last week they started slow, but overcame some turnovers and. You know guy getting thrown out of the game excetera to to beat indie Baltimore had a great great game last week, but that was over a buffalo team who you know, I think people believe will be one of the worst teams in the league. If not the worst team and Maytham Peterman you know, my partner, rivers Peabody does a lot of comps on these players, and he thinks that Peterman is the seventy third worst quarter seventy. Third best quarterback in the NFL seventy present. How many seventy. He would have rated as the seventy third quarter basis shown Kaiser wants to know. So you're gonna take Cincinnati. Yeah, since he pick him over over Baltimore. Okay. And then I'm actually going to go and stick with my guns on KC being a bit overrated, especially after last week. Pitt being a bit underrated actually, even though we got that Cleveland win, we probably shouldn't have. I mean, Cleveland was out gained five point nine yards per played a three point. Eight yards per play, had a five plus five turnover differential and still had, you know, had a tie and to to get five turnovers more and not wait a receipt learners and not with pretty incredible. So only being a five point favorite over Casey at home. I think that's a, that's a value on the Steelers there where we're sort of people are are very much overreacting to we want. I certainly did. I Pittsburgh looked terrible, and I thought Rothlisberger particularly in the fourth. Quarter looked inept, and I was wondering if Pittsburgh was going to take a big fall, so you're going the other way from me on that. So that's interesting. It's just interesting, right because they only I mean, obviously the conditions were really poor, but their defense only gave up three point eight yards per play an offense. They gained five point, nine yards per play against a pretty good Cleveland defense. I think we'll by the end of the year, we'll definitely say that Cleveland defense was pretty strong. Okay. What else. I'm gonna go back to Tampa plus three. Really? Yeah, I am. I mean, obviously Tampa have this sort of incredible game and maybe they're going to come back to reality, but I'm gonna still stick with the fact that you know Ryan Fitzpatrick is more than serviceable..

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