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Swalwell received an FBI defensive briefing in 2015, warning him of the threat she appeared to pose. But shortly thereafter, house bigger Nancy Pelosi placed him on the House Intel Committee, which oversees the CIA, and has access to the highest level of sensitive and classified information, right There you go. Yeah, Republicans are rallying to have swallowed removed from the House Intelligence Committee. But you know what? I kind of understand why Mr Cameron, who called us a few minutes ago, has doubts he wants Roof. I mean, if you think about its we ourselves have an incredible distrust in our own government. That's true, right? Very true, right? I mean, he's so that's an interesting point that he brought up. Yeah, well, you know, I mean it now, The only proof we can offer up is is kind of what you've done there, But, you know, and he's kind of right were very critical of the FBI over the past few years and the DOJ I mean, a lot of people have been very critical of all of those agencies on both sides of the aisle. Maybe it is time Maybe Mr Kim is right. The Department of Justice needs to have a press conference and lay out all the details to explain exactly what we're up against. When it comes to Russians and Chinese spies And what what they want to do with our country. I mean, I think you know that could be who have a lot of a lot of people. But then, of course you're gonna people are gonna be hearing it along with partisan ears at this point, and you know whether or not we could rally even around that is questionable. At this point, I would think after 40 years, you can maybe understand him a little bit better. Oh, and I'm not trying to be critical of his accent. But, you know, I mean, I've just never been a bit have been harassed by like that Be on the air, and I could barely understand what he was saying. I'm sorry, Mr Kim. I appreciate your listening, but I appreciate I am as a journalist. I appreciate you pushing me to show the proof now here and what the only proof or evidence or conversation we have right now is what the intelligence community is telling us. And it doesn't look good from what they have told us. No, no. All right, jump in here at 51283605 90. I think it's very important today as we head into the holidays. Kind of lighten things up. Maybe we want to hear from some of you small business owners. What are your holiday plans, Restaurants are still open and customers are needed. And what kind.

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