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Spotify you can even click in the lower right hand corner of apple podcast in san the latest edition to friends. You want to hate you but if you have a may try it and who knows it may stick and that helps us. Get the word out. Alright dr axelrod l. ellen writes in and says i know murphy claims the progressive bloc is singing sending signals. They're not gonna vote on the infrastructure. Bill in favor of a more bernie style bill. But i do wonder if the progressive bloc is more focused on truly solving climate crisis issues in a way that is not the mitch doomed green new deal as a young person who absolutely anxiety written about ridden the future especially around climate crisis. Perhaps that is who they are listening to. What do you think is a path forward for climate action. Why think we've seen in last week or so couple awakes. How dire climate and how real climate changes What's you know in the northwest and There's no question that this is an existential threat. And what i've been talking to. One of my former. Staffers is the Deputy secretary of energy now. And i talked to him about you. Know this Whether to invest in transmission or an island mods or they. We need to do renewable. There's no questions about it you do. You need a mix of Low you know local and rooftop solar. Which bernie wants and transmission because a lot of the place where the sun is is. I know one lives near there. So would we have to do this so we're going to do this. There's no question about that. This is a huge focus. Going have to be a huge focus of any infrastructure. Bill and that again is probably going to be what they take up reconciliation Because it's not so much a part of the mansion republicans think it'll be in there. It's hat while it has to be an incredibly well funded. Look my you know. My grandchildren asked me. You know that your grandpa. You're a us senator You know if they if they asked me like fifty years from now. Grandpa your us. Senator wyden you do anything about climate change and also why are you still alive. I guess say i did. I tried and We have to we have to. It is the existential threat. Or one of them. Okay for acts. We have a question from james. And james wants to know what are the rules and incumbent must follow in order to win reelection. Can you provide any examples of george w following those rules in two thousand four obama in two thousand twelve and of trump. Not being able to do it. In twenty twenty. Oh easy one. James trump was insane but anyway go ahead so The the fundamental rule is especially closely divided country that very few incumbent presidents can win referenda on referendums on themselves. And you wanna turn this into you. Want to turn the race into comparative Into a comparative exercise. That's what george. W. bush did with john carey in two thousand and four and two thousand and twelve. That's brooke obama did with Mitt romney and and basically define the race in terms that made it a choice and then define the terms of the choice in two thousand and twelve. it was. Who's gonna fight for the middle class when it comes to the economy That turned out to be a very powerful powerful message versus versus romney in terms of trump. He never turned it into he. Never successfully turned it into a choice. he is so a narcissistic that You know he makes himself the center of everything and he turned it into a referendum on himself in many ways And he lost that race. They tried fleetingly to you. Know paint a biden as leftist. that didn't fly they. They went after his competence that didn't fly but basically it was about trump and the and and there was a thumbs down verdict on trump. I say one word on that. Yes covid well. Of course if handling his handling of go yes. There's no doubt and the circumstances in two thousand and twenty. I mean without cove it. I think it's it's a you know. I think you could argue. That trump would have won. If he had handlery alexei handle it well he would have won but just his handling of it made him the center of him and it was all about him and Except it wasn't about him taking any accountability right. No no. that's the great lesson of the trump era. Shame is dead and politics used to bring some order but with a nut psychopath maniac. The shame ray doesn't work okay. Devon has a question for mike murphy he says. I know the conventional wisdom. Is that the orange crybaby. I assume that's a reference to trump and to santos are the odds on favorites for the republican nomination. Two thousand twenty four as we discussed but it but who in your great political wisdom. Maybe it isn't a question for no it is in your great political wisdom. Is the dark horse candidate that no one is yet paying attention to but should be well devon great question Beware conventional wisdom Presidential politics primary politics very dynamic. They're always moving so we don't. We don't yet know yet. The midterms are going to create some stars. But you're right. the big godzilla is trump. The question is as god's zone the rear view mirror and how fast he's going Descent is being a mega state..

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