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Down one on one with Tucker Carlson, and now. The next governor of California. Adam Corolla. Yeah, get it on. Got to get on a choice, but to get on mandate in and on next to thanks for sharing doing a special one on one with Tucker, Carlson, good. See my friend. I'm glad to be here. Thank you. I enjoy your show very much. I enjoy your book very much ship of fools is the name of the book how a selfish ruling class is bringing America to the brink of revolution. I listened to the audio version of it, which Tucker voiced himself. Oftentimes that's not the case and I'll pay it the ultimate compliment. I normally save the audible books for long walks with the dog and you know trapped in traffic and that kind of stuff found myself listening to ship fools at home in my Dan with the TV available last night. And I said, all right, I never listened to books versus watching TV because. I intellectually shallow. So I turned on sportscenter, but it turned the sound all the way down. And I sat there with my phone listening to ship officials in my den turn. Thank you if anyone knows Tucker's work from his television shows nightly, television show weeknights eight pm eastern time..

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