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What's trending at five thirty. Tinsley family in Fort, Wayne waited decades before her killer was brought to Justice now state police superintendent, Doug Carter and others. Look for the man heard in that recording. The man is believed to have killed Abby Williams and Libby German two years ago today. So I really believe I really believe that it's not going to be another Tingey Tinsley case. I can't imagine what her family endured for nearly thirty years. And I don't believe it. It'd be that way here in Delphi. Indiana. Investigators are acting more than thirty eight thousand tips in the case, President Trump still has not given his blessing to the agreement reached by congressional negotiators to prevent another government shutdown. Fox's Jared Halpern reports from Capitol Hill the house and Senate could take up the spending Bill tomorrow, though, negotiators still finalising legislative text the agreement reach would fully fund the government to the fiscal year and provide one point three seven billion dollars for border barriers far less than President Trump had requested. Neither side got everything. It wanted in this Bill, but both sides one will Boyd another shutdown. Democrats Republicans House-Senate Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is urging the president support. So far the White House says it's withholding judgement until it has reviewed the final product on Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern, Fox News. The Indiana general assembly wants to make revenge porn a crime only twelve other states have done that prosecutors say it's not covered by existing law. But it could be hard to. Approve. The victim did not give consent. The full house could vote on its Bill next week. The Senate is considering similar legislation..

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