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It's an episode from the new season of the happiness lab hosted by dr lori santos on the show lori sheriff surprising research and inspiring stories. That will change the way you think about happiness. One of our areas of focus. This season is around rituals. We all have little rituals. We've cultivated over time to help psych- us up for some big vin. This is especially true for athletes who all seemed to have one signature move. They perform right before they compete. Laurie says research shows. These rituals can actually calm your nerves and improve your performance to a startling degree surf. Your face a daunting challenge. Laurie suggests you create a ritual. Even if you know it's dumb it'll still work. Okay here's the episode. You can find more happiness lab episodes wherever you're listening right now. We have a saying when you'll nervous about something that you have butterflies the tummy. Can you really honestly say that. You did not have any butterflies at the time he talking butterflies tummy the most british question. Ever i stumbled across this. Bbc interview on youtube and became obsessed. It's nine hundred sixty one and famed journalists. Richard dimbleby is asking soviet cosmonaut eureka. Garen the first man ever to travel to space if he was nervous in the moments before blastoff is i can assure you know but applies malts or anything else. Yuri was strapped into a tiny capsule on top of the rocket filled with an explosive mix of kerosene and liquid oxygen. He was sitting there all alone waiting to venture where no other human had ever ventured before. Shoot you with dalom. Cathode who knew the brief period of time. I did spend in the space ship before the actual takeoff. I think i spent quite normal condition. And i think the scientists will confirm this by producing the records of my pulse count and so on to school and i don't think any grounds for me to be seriously anxious either that career all at any time throughout the flight so full disclosure. One of the reasons. I love listening to this interview is because i've always found eerie to be well kinda swoon worthy. He has an absolutely amazing smile. And the sort of young luke skywalker. Jet is sorta chill. But the thing i find most attractive about jerry is the fact that he was pretty much the bravest dude ever. I mean he's sitting there waiting to blast off into space and he says he wasn't even scared which is pretty incredible because back in nineteen sixty. One hopping onto a spaceship was basically like playing roulette. The soviets succeeded in getting the first satellite into orbit only a few years before the vostok stock one lodge before yuri only a few other living things had been sent outside of the earth's atmosphere and the results were shaky lake the first dog in space. Scientists sent her up there knowing she wouldn't return alive and a faulty heat. Shield finished her off after her came. Space pups lysa and bars. They were both killed by explosions. Soon after blastoff then it was shoka and michika. They were headed home safely. When it looked like they might land outside of russia by mistake so mission control bloom up smelly and militia did a sub orbital mission nearly made it back safely except their parachute didn't deploy he must have known that statistically speaking he had a decent chance of not making it b-actor but despite these odds he was totally calm when he waited for blastoff which is pretty bad ass these days. The space program is much safer than it was back in nineteen sixty one but traveling off of the only planet you've ever known must still be terrifying. How astronauts able to control their anxiety enough to do something so incredibly scary and brave. Most of us won't be shooting into deep space anytime soon. But the challenge of regulating our anxiety during tough moments isn't just a problem for astronauts. We blast into uncharted territories time. We begin a new job or big project when we decide to start a family or have our first child or even when we sign on for something that's fulfilling but a little out of our comfort zone. All of these changes required taking one scary step in order to make that giant leap into something better but boldly going where we've never gone before requires controlling all our anxieties in doubts and being brave like that can be hard. The good news is that behavioral sciences figured out an unexpected trick we can use to overcome the fear uncertainty that come with big changes in life events. It's a practice. So powerful that nasa and other speech programs around the world have employed it for decades. It's also a strategy. That earthbound folks like us can use to feel a little bit more in control when.

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