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Out of the way. 'cause i know we're all thinking right now that drives me crazy about these suppressors at. It's getting worse and worse. Some of the media members in attendance that are allowed to actually have a live microphone on their hands. Good god man. Like it was bad. And i'm not trying to sit up here on a high horse or anything but just because you're there doesn't mean you have to ask a question. I thought jose did a great job. There are people there like who got a microphone. They're asking like actively rooting for connor. There's another media member. That's actively calling out connor on the other end like chastising him like the ufc members of the media mostly outside of the anime bubble. This is a rupp performance especially the last ten to fifty minutes of the same. Luckily brian campbell saved everything at the end. But that's just something that kind of irked me and you could tell that poor mcgregor were both kind of fed up with the whole thing at the end of it. Because of some of the questions they were getting. So i've said my piece we'll move on. Everyone's been talking about this. That's by two two cents on the whole thing Clearly part of this approach from connor aka was to irk. Pori air like try to get under your skin and get them emotional and dozen. Had some good one liners mixed in there to fire back connor. He did his best to kind of keep a smile on his face. But i mean you're watching on your computer on your television. You're seeing all the different angles. You're seeing them. Close up you. Did you get any sense. That mcgregor rattled poor in any way. I don't know rattles. That's definitely a possible possible for me to say but annoyed i. I don't see how you can't be a little bit annoyed again. I know poor has been to this twice already Maybe it was worth the first time you know what happened like seven years ago but i i just don't see how even having gone through it already. He can't be a little bit like if not like personally insulted. But just just the the nonstop like needling. I know i'm someone who i can. I can ignore what someone saying like. But the the very fact that they're trying to eat will me and get a rise outta me it works. It's like the person probably tell my my blood skin bit up. My face is getting ready. Or whatever i'm not half the man doesn't worry is but i bet but when you're on that big of a stage you've got people bullying you for like no reason again like jose said like just because A question would be asked him. And the people start. Bullying like your. I don't know how as mature intelligent adult you can take that and just end. Just be like oh yeah. I'm just gonna shrug it off. No there's that he's in the middle of a weight cut. That's another thing. I thought is is looking at like man. This is the last thing he wants to be dealing with right now. You know it's i know. Know five his baz down to one forty five but is still awake car. It's a good then. He has to put up with mr crap though. I don't know of any mine. And i think the jolie's wife was so silly that i guess we stopped it up but i don't know of any particular a narrative or line really got to him. I thought pori had the best line when there were like is it. Why is he so different. This time round 'cause i knocked him out last time so all classes window. The guys got those best line and and it's not even trying to be clever. It is true so That that was the best bit. But but i do think that mcgregor is getting under his skin a little bit. Not not because for being clever or or for being particularly incisive but just the sheer level The sheer volume of it. I think i think boras though. Jose what do you think like. I know you felt like you know. Just in hindsight that it wasn't really affected by the trash talk but maybe the combination of the trash talk the length of the press conference poison very public. He hates doing these things Especially in the up to a fight especially after going through the first fight with connor. Connor can win these fights days before the actual event with the mental warfare. Connor just knows how to kind of poke and prod and and get that advantage. Do you feel like dustin was rattled. All and and on the flip side. Do you feel like dustin got to mcgregor at all with some of his retorts and his one liners and the is not mcgregor. Fast mcgregor sleep. I thought that was a great line to but did you see any of those guys get rattled at all. I want to say rattled. I thought maybe for a bit. We'll bright bright for the stare. Downs that may dust imported a day. That was a little rattled or congonhas had a bad but then when they got face to face and connor was doing all of the antics industrial was just like standing there kind of chuckling to himself and then connor through a front kick at doesn't pori during the face off at dustin didn't just took it he just like all right whatever like he didn't like rat. Try to rush anything really. The only thing says if you come at me on a slap in the face like that's all pretty much said so Front kicked him dusted. Just kind of looked down was like okay and walked away I so i don't know. I i'm not in either. Their minds con maybe again. Maybe this is connor trying to psych himself out or maybe it's more for him rather than to get at dusk maybe he needs to get into that mindset. I'm not trying against the mine economy or doesn't this is all just speculation but from the outside looking in just what i saw there from that staredown. I don't think either man is quite rattled. I think they're both just ready for a fistfight and it's nothing overly personal. It's just build up to the fight so just to put a this jose. How would you grade the first face off for this trilogy. Fi like we'll see another one tomorrow. Ceremony away wayans but this was kind of intense. You saw the front kick in you. Know the sunglasses. Connor during the su- dozens were the the florida shared so to speak. What what did you think like. Give that.

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