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One thing that's not okay. Is i'm gonna say this again and again even though twitter d platforming youtube is going to be for me. I will go to my grave saying this as a woman and the mother daughter a daughter and step mother of another daughter. It has no category for women's health issues and hundreds of women are reporting Menstrual dysregulation of a severe kind. And i don't mean to like you talk about anything. That shouldn't be talked about over over a breakfast table. But when you've got just as adults when you've got women saying i'm having to periods in a twenty eight day cycle or my cycle lasted a month or many mini super weird accounts of women long post menopause resuming bleeding after being vaccinated. I have not heard that. Are you kidding. oh. I wish. I was kidding. Overdose menopausal women menstruating. But isn't this the point. Ao me the fact that we're not hearing about this or not supposed to talk about this. I thought honestly people have to get angry. It's offensive in the united states of america. When people tell you what you can and cannot talk about. It is deeply offensive and epa. Push back. they deserve to be pushed around. Folks you've got to behave like your free because you actually are frequently. So you're telling me something. I'd not heard before well i wanted to reinforce that. Even more the importance of women speaking out about these things when i started reporting on the hundreds of accounts of severe menstrual dysregulation in super weird bleeding Matt gaetz got tasked with going onto twitter. Cnn media matters to say naomi wolf is bonkers raising

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