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That i get to play around with you know in my spare time. I love things like that. But that's awesome. I love the resurrecting on on community. I think i bet you. There's some really interesting in funds. Store is going to be in that back. So i'm i'm excited for for when it comes out marrying. You gotta let me know. But yes like marion said. I do work with authors. I started I one. I started ten years ago with sandy lawrence which means marian both now and she has sense as of january she retired semi-retired that girl still on the game but she semi retired and i took over her. Pr firm emergent with abundantly social. Which is my social media. Murphy platform are i. Guess business that i started. I started working with small businesses. Marianne i worked with a entrepreneurs smaller businesses and then i switched years to authors. But i've done. I've helped authors for ten years with sandy and so we have a membership group that is called through the eyes of authors which a bunch of authors publishers in there. And it's just every monday night at at seven is our training and so we have experts. Come in but latest trends in and publishing your book or different things that are going on in the publishing writing community and on fridays. We kind of do like you. Do marian a mastermind. We come together and we talk about different issues. Devore having how we can help as as a group and so we're very big on group. I call them my through the eyes of authors family as you know my community right there and so. That's that's kind of the role that i have. I been doing technology like you. Marian for ten years or so with sandy at night march a bunch of steps so i am a one stop. Destination is what i call myself the whole. I'm pretty good at a bunch of stuff you know. So it's it's just fun. But i wouldn't i wouldn't change it. Working with authors amazing and technology plays a huge role in authors and businesses and entrepreneurs. Especially now you know. The whole game has shifted where people figured out. They can do their job for home..

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