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A little bit of scattered mist and drizzle. By Friday night into Saturday morning. How is the next couple of days sixties to low seventies a little bit brighter and warmer for Sunday afternoon with partly sunny skies and again low seventies in the warmer spots in the coma Weather Center? I'm meteorologist Shannon O. Donnell, this hour is 74 degrees in Seattle. Anti mask. Protesters in Vancouver will now have to stay at least a mile away from any school building. That decision from a judge in Clark County in Cuomo's Carlene Johnson report. Parents upset about students being forced to wear masks at school have been protesting at school board meetings or outside school buildings across the country. But a protest last Friday in Clark County Sent three Vancouver schools into lockdown as a group reportedly tried to get inside a locked school building Now our partner station K two, reports of Clark County judges granted an injunction. Borrowing demonstrators from holding disruptive protests near school campuses specifically within a one mile radius. That injunction will remain in effect. As long as the mask mandate does. Our state has mandated all students and staff wear masks at school or on the bus. Typically local controlled by districts trumps the state, but not in the case of Covid. Carlene Johnson Common news Federal way Police are searching for a suspect following a shooting at a grocery store. It happened at the Wind Coal along Southwest campus Drive Medical helicopter was used air lift the 30 year old man to Harborview. Where last check he was listed as critical. We're told the suspect was being escorted out of the building after he refused the sale of alcohol for being.

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