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Lee Harvey Oswald, President Trump, Warren Commission discussed on Conspiracy Theories


And if you enjoy the podcast the best way to do that is to leave a five star of you wherever you're listening. This is our second and final episode on the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of president John F Kennedy last week, we covered the official story of the assassination as. Well, as some of the national distrust and skepticism surrounding that story, particularly in the years after Watergate this week, we talk about the unofficial stories conspiracy theory, number one, communist retaliation Oswald was working for the Cubans or possibly the Soviets for this theory will look into oswald's notorious and mysterious trip to Mexico and consider his time in the Soviet Union as well conspiracy theory number two, the accident theory, the tragic possibility that at least one of the shots, which hit Kennedy was accidental. And that this accident was covered up after the fact by the FBI secret service and others conspiracy theory number three the C I A with the aid of the FBI, the mob anti-castro Cuban groups and the military industrial complex banded together to assassinate JFK and use. Ause walled as their Patsy while try to piece together how this mysterious powerful right wing cabal might have operated. Gentlemen. We have. Over the violence. We hope that it is unconfirmed. Have to. The president of the United States has been the victim of association. Officially JFK was killed by a lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald, an ex marine and communist sympathizer Oswald was stationed in a sixth floor window of the Texas school book depository his place of employment. His rifle blasted three shots down onto Dealey plaza. As the presidential motorcade passed by hitting the president in the head and back which resulted in his neck wound as well as injuring Texas governor, John Connally, an hour and a half later Oswald was in custody and two days later, he was dead shot by distraught nightclub owner, Jack ruby. But conspiracy theories about the assassination started emerging in the immediate aftermath of November twenty second to quell fears of conspiracy. The new president Lyndon B Johnson signed an executive order establishing the Warren commission, which was tasked with formulating official public account of the death. But the commission did little to quiet the rumors floating around the country and polls regularly turned up majority doubt about the war and reports conclusion to date there have been over one thousand books published on the Jeff Kassanje Shen over ninety percent of which proposed some sort of conspiracy. According to ABC news that makes it probably the most written about conspiracy theory of all time or rather conspiracy theories what few of these books can agree on is who exactly was behind the assassination and how that can. Chrissy operated figures in groups as diverse as vice president Lyndon B Johnson the Chicago mob and the so-called umbrella man, a bystander holding in unbrella at Dealey plaza have been pinpointed as potential conspiritors. All of these theories are based on intense scrutiny of the Warren Commission's nineteen sixty four report on the assassination. Some people were satisfied by the eight hundred eighty eight page report, and it's fifteen volumes of up indexes. It gave the appearance of a thorough comprehensive investigation. But plenty of others remain suspicious of it's convenient pre drawn conclusions and lingering and explored evidence. This week. We are going to investigate some of the most viable theories about JFK's assassination. But first, let's revisit some of the factors that have kept so much the public on the side of conspiracy theorists. Whether or not they've personally looked at the evidence surrounding Kennedy's death. There's a psychological element to it surely JFK was a truly beloved figure in this country and abroad, his family was charmed his ideals were progressive and all politics aside. He was fresh in different. It's hard to accept that a figure like that could be killed in such a tragically meaningless way by a lone nut as the press dubbed Oswald at the time surely to bring down someone so monolithic. There must be a monolithic plot. There were more concrete reasons for citizens to distrust, the Warren Commission's conclusions, though, the years following the Commission's. Port were characterized by deep and very justified suspicion of the government in the early seventies. The nation was rocked by the Watergate scandal, which implicated the executive branch FBI CIA. And I r s that scandal was followed by leaks of information about other undisclosed sometimes illegal activity by the CIA, then information about an FBI harassment campaign against Martin Luther King junior in the.

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Lee Harvey Oswald, President Trump, Warren Commission discussed on Conspiracy Theories

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