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You think that's something they should do? Keep them hands on standby, Right. Like like, have like the T shirt Gun. Rigby's fools rats they could be sponsored. I'm not, You know, I'm creating marketing opportunities. All right. Thank you. For that update from puck Dollar take the over. Always looking up Dollar here on ESPN 1000 and the ESPN Chicago and I want to talk to you about There's a mock drafts that came out today. Mel Kiper gave you mock draft earlier today, There's a lot of conversation the National Football League about quarterbacks where they might fall where they might land. Which quarterback's gonna be at the top of the draft board, and possibly people and information starting to come out that Just some fields may fall. Maybe in that range of the 8 to 12 area in the top round of the first round of the Anthill draft. If you're a Chicago Bears fan Some of these quarterbacks are not going in the first five picks. Do you think the Bears could get in, get their their hat in the ring and get into this mix and try and get one of these quarterbacks we thought all along would be like the second pick of the draft. Yes. Oh, Mel Kiper has currently Justin Fields going to the Lions at seven because he assumes that obviously they've decided to move on. And Matthew Stafford has decided to move on, so they're going to need a quarterback. And if Justin Fields falls to seven absolutely you take Justin fields at seven. If I'm the Bears if he falls below five, I try to move up because I Don't understand. How can you watch Justin Fields play? And take Zack Wilson ahead of him. I don't understand it. I get Trevor Laurence that one. I understand that. So here's Mel Kiper's mock draft. Trevor Laurence that won the Monte Smith. It too. For the Jets. Jamaar Chase, a wide receiver at L s U for the Dolphins of three. Zach Wilson out of BYU for the Falcons Petty civil for the tackle from Oregon. Going to the Bangles because they don't obviously don't need a quarterback and Jalen Waddle going to the Eagles and then Justin Fields going to the Lions. If I'm the Bears And I'm looking for a quarterback. I move up for Justin Fields. I see what it takes to try to get up to seven or maybe get up to six and try to take Justin Fields. If he's there, I just don't see it. I saw one mock draft on CBS Sports. That doesn't even have Justin Fields in the top 10. That's crazy people not watching football. Where do they have him falling? It is not in fine. So is a graphic. I saw Twitter. Look through. We'll know it was a graphic. I saw Twitter. Had their the top 10 and I have to go. I have to find the draft now. I thought we were doing this at seven. Yeah. We were going to show that there's a little Priti. I just want to go get you going to get the juices flowing there. Because for this, Yeah, well, it doesn't s Oh, here we go. Eh? So we will talk this If you wanna talk football with us, we will talk football with you at 3123323776. Before we do that. It's time for the song of the night. I wanna.

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