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Just just using like the deadpool's humor to like. Explains walls left or right. Just explain where they are even at this point in time because he's he goes over the army's member when a whole I helped you drinking problem in Ireland's that you're barking up the wrong iron man's. It's it's Rhody. The armor does. Great Stephanie, let me let that lad because twenty fifteen amidst the other than the newer secret war. Yes, was a straight cash grab it was gratuitous. Without least show is a fun raw. Yes. To his cash rather. Just despicable deadpool. I'm looking at you. What was the create on adventure? Deadpool bugs. Oh, yeah. It's really really honestly. So you can buy two copies, SU marble? Yes. It's fine. It was fun entertaining. Like Collin Collin bondage is late everything Dan was Luigi Massaro artwork in this Lynn. No, Matteo Malaita. I mean, the like you said they lifted some these panels it seemed like right from the story. Everyone's woke is you know, exactly what it was back. Then caution tolerate upgrade. I like that. Yeah. Like, I said was mix of like unit out current art Kern art styles with like that old time feel in storms the mohawk. Yeah. Yeah. Favorite storm. But it's okay. Bite me nerds. Dear you. Could say wait a minute. She was she flew at the end of this was this one. She had I'm trying to remember. The powers this foreigners this when she lost her powers, which shouldn't say loss when taken from..

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