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And that's why. Still, they shouldn't be alternatively, maybe they just, you know, they just decide to have a Bitcoin Christmas and didn't have family around or something like that. And they should have a break. They should be listening to them. Maybe you have such dedicated listeners that they go over to their family and they take their phone and press subscribe and auto download just downloads but not listens. Dude, I had dedicated listeners when four of them turned up in my football match today. What Liverpool? No. Bedford. Are you guys actually already playing? Yeah, we play the game today. We drew one. Do you own the team yet? I own a team. It's pretty cool what you're doing, man. I do, I'm rooting for you. We can talk about that in a bit, man, but let's talk about your year. It's been the highlight. Have you got a highlight from the year? I've been doing so many different things. One highlight is I got out of New York, which I had already done, but I was just a nomad, but now actually I have a proper roof over my head. So that feels good. Actually getting my brain sorted on a personal note. But this year, I mean, we launched open sets for open-source development. So dispatch started after our show last year. It hadn't started yet. It's about a year though, right? It's been a year, 48 episodes, skipped a couple weeks there just took a holiday break for that. Rabbit hole recap is over three years. I haven't skipped a week yet. Finally brought on a producer. We're working on a venture fund that's Bitcoin only ten 31 that I'm really excited about. Doing it the right way rather than all these a 16 zs and poly chain and whatnot. Working my work with Bitcoin magazine is been absolutely crazy journey over there. I mean, we have currently I joined them in October of last year and it was like 7 employees. And now we're past 60, I believe. We threw a massive show for Bitcoin 2021, and now Bitcoin 2022 is going to be absolutely fucking insane. Dude, Bitcoin TV dot com launched, taken on YouTube. They can go fuck themselves..

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