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With three personal fouls. Fish, you gotta expect one Morgan is going to be on the bench here for I gotta think at least until the minute. Mark kotz. Miller's is not gonna rest up his fourth with twelve minutes left to go in the ball game in two thousand. I think that's the point especially if the game starts get hyped Morgan back in, but I would expect coach Miller play a little bit of scor- sport here to figure out. Okay. When's the time to put back the game? He's been a difference maker for this Indiana team here, especially early in the second half. He's been tremendous. Now, Doron Davis has got to step in and fill that role be such a stabilizing force out there and everybody looks up to him as the leader on this ball club. And he just handles requests such calm, grace soda streak and class the kids just respected inconsistency. Everything that he does. He does. Well, he can shoot the ball. You can drive the ball one of the. Tougher guys on the forty nd every night. He just does everything. Cabin. In the ball game replacing Jawara border right down free. Throw by moral is around the no. Moral transfer from the university of Brassica six seven to thirty five. Addison out last year. There's one more shot company looking for his first point of the night. And at free throws. So he's got as I point and elite sixty one forty twenty one point advantage for Indiana right now. And Rubio Lanker is gonna end bad against the poor court pressure here. So Marquette for the second time that our sing before court out effort in. Here's the inbound arrived at and fantasy. We'll bring it up against Shartouni gets it across the timeline beautifully. All the way to the lane pulls it back outside, rob. Continues to work and do have such a great job at the point. He bounces it off to Smith who goes right to Langford rise into the lane forces at this time. No rebound comes off to Marquette down the floor. This is one of the few. Mrs Romeo's had at the rim tonight. Here's Marcus Howard for three. It's no, good rebound cups. The fantasy back the other way. Come hoosiers fantasy drives it right pulls out on the wing Tennessee stops. There's an owl Durham flags it back out to fitness. You gives it up to Justin Smith. He we sit right side to Lankford on the wing. He drives across the key gives it out the finish for a three. It's off the Mark. No. And the rebound comes to Jamal came from our check back the other way, Marcus Howard, our left side sided Kane Chartouni back. Now, I'll house on the right-wing Sam Houser dribbles it outside. Rosa white. The Marcus Howard Pete Rose downloaded Joey Hauser Hauser tries to back his way in its knocked away. Houser lost the handle of badge. Indiana basketball team there from out great recognition. Joey Hauser turned his head put the ball on the floor and our recognize you had an opportunity to slash right in there. And get a hand on the ball. Just a heads up double team from. Justin Smith will end bound Chartouni checks out of the lineup that comes back in and now spit ac- bringing the ball up variety you across the timeline of Romeo Lankford, right? Right-wing railway throws it out to Evan Pfitzner. He clears the Justin Smith Smith works, right? Goes to Langford. He'll let go another three. It's off the Mark and a whistle blows down low. I think you've got a foul called Joey Hauser lessons. Smith gonna force rebound on the basketball and may not show up on the statute. But he's going after every single offensive rebound making it really difficult for Marquette to get anything easy on the defensive glass and get going and transition Justin Smith has been an absolute force as a great example right there. Indiana gets the ball bounce. The inbound comes to zero turns occurs to Durham Durham comes out side, then asleep that ac- looks down low ambassadors. The Pittsburgh he turns rod against Sam Houser vaccine. Dow puts it up on the left hand missed it rebound tipped away. But a foul is going to be called. So Fitzner all of a sudden has picked up hills. For file guy Joon boredom with three is going to come to the sideline with four. And that's going to bring Juwan white back in the ball game and heart. She's not a happy bear. I I will tell you. You might be a little nervous here which one having three fourteen minutes left to go on this game. But he is a smart guy. He understands that. He can't pick up his fourth early here. Davis looks like he's getting set to check yet. Here's the pass outside. The Joey Hauser declares it left side. The Bailey Bailey frozen down low to Houser this is Sam with it. He backs his way into rose up a shot Romeo Lankford. That's great time. Jawad Morgan comes up with the rebound. And there's a throwaway jaw was going to Justin Smith and looking at justified man, I was throwing up to you. What do you do? Sort Eddie right turnover for Indiana, ten for Indiana and a small here's Howard left side pass comes off the anthem anthem tunnel. Aleppo tries to penetrate can't throws it out. Our our now turns it to the left side. He comes back white into Hauser Hauser throws it out to Joey Houser. He drives right. Download turns around forces up shot. Whistle blows follows called against Indiana. This was nail Justin Smith, and that will be his third foul. Joey Hauser is a guy that you don't have to fall for the shot fake. Time a nice little spin move us a little head fake to get Indiana's defenders up in the air. And then he ducked underneath really nice place. Enjoying. How's it going Indiana? Here's Hauser's free. Throw is good. Joey Hauser knocks down one of the few that Marquette has made tonight. This is the ironic part of this game. Or Marquette's eighty two percent of the season shooting free throws tonight there now what three of nine second one by Hauser's good. So it made to a row here. But that's about the only time that they've done that and Joey Houser has his my point of the ball game, Indiana who was shooting fifty six percent from the line or fifty fifty six percent from the line tonight. They're hitting over eighty percent. Sixty one forty two Indiana by nineteen thirteen twenty-six. Anna zone is being put up now by Marquette? Here's rob fantasy fakes bats is out to Royal to Al Durham down inside they go to derive Davis, and it was so blows. And a foul called goes against Matt held who's come back in the ball game. And he's picked up his slurred bowel Doron Davis. Pinning down on the defender in that suit three zone. You gotta keep your eyes up continue to look to penetrate the lane whether it's with the pass or the dribble against the two threes on that time Doron did great job establishing position and causing Marquette to foul him Fitoussi. And he finds Justin Smith he clears it off the left side of the circle and the rob Tennessee back to Justice swept up missed the shot. Good defense by Marquette that time, but it looked like Justin should make that shot. Here's Sam Houser to the left side finds Marcus Howard. He drives down inside little rudder teardrop. No good kept up. No, go to the rebound comes off Indiana's rob benefit down to floor left side, Al Durham and the left wing. He throws it outside the Justin Smoak Smith. Now clears it off the ASEAN fantasy. Now will reset the offense works on. Howard fakes takes it left side of Durham towel. Durham looks down gives it up to Justin slip back to Al weaves. It back out to finish brings it back between the circles goes right to Durham Durham fifteen foot jump shot at the free throw line is gone. Now Durham knocks data shot for his DiPoto. Ballgame 15-footer there vow can add that to his game. He's going to be dangerous. That's a really smooth move. Here is powered with the basketball. He gives the Hauser Anna whistle away from the ball. And a foul is called. I think on Sam Howard Beale Langford guy. He fouled. We got a guy. That's I don't want to say he's reminiscent of Ted Ballantyne. But he is a little bit on that play. I told you about his antics, you nobody does a foul. He's very dramatic on that play. I agree with you there. Wanted everybody to know who's making that call. Building. Sam Houser now with his second. Follow the ball game. Indiana basketball, sixty three forty two both teams with ten turnovers in the game rob fantasy against Howard left side passed into the hands of Durham outside of Justin Smith between the circles the Andersen. Back off the Doron Davis top of the key the Durham camp penetrate, kicks out to democracy, right side. The then takes it tries to penetrate down low Justice, dramatically good. And he does lay easily eight points in out for Justice, sixty five forty two hoosiers. Sam. Houser with the ball gives it up to Anna who clears the left to Joey Hauser, he goes baseline with the dry, but he's scoops it up with a reverse layup because he got past. Joey Hauser, now's got eleven. The how's your boys have been the big guns for Marquette in the smog? Sixty five forty four Indiana here is Al Durham with the ball out to rob Fitoussi rights. I pass to Justin Smith kicks out to Doron Davis. Fires a three or a seventeen footer. That's messed and the rebound comes off to Marquette. Here is Marcus Howard. He's fouled by rob fantasy. No, they're gonna call palming. Mama basketball. So Indiana gets the turnover against Marquette. We have time out of the floor with eleven thirteen to go with this ball game of the hoosiers dominating..

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