Feinstein, President Trump, Mr Mattis discussed on The Savage Nation


What do you think happened there i i have my own ideas and and by the way while you're out that why has feinstein suddenly come out at a commonwealth those speech and shocked her liberal girlfriends and sank trump is a president we've got a supporter basically there was shocked they're would hasten boot typical feminist hissing unbelievable tournament has there been a soft military coup what am i mean by that well a general mr mattis has overridden trump and says we're going to keep the trans in the military a jewish studied i mean the donald trump is the commander in chief now is general says no will not so fast i'm the commander of the military not him now what if obama had written an executive order which he did many many times at a general stood up and said well we're not going to enact that yeah we're going to study a tell me how long the general would have lasted so you you have to understand that there's been a softer military coup to a certain extent why is pelosi suddenly could that badly far what happened they have so you're afraid they're going to wind up on your doorstep you're the one of steam them up so that's another issue i want to talk about today there are many many others uh you know with the big question for me said the big question is a big question is who the heck is advising donald trump he was doing great on this horrible horrible natural disaster in texas and louisiana people shoreham as presidential quiet went there did is job with his first with the first lady why would he go ahead with a tax reform speech the very next day when is i guarantee is paul numbers what up why would he should himself for the foot answer because he has children around him in the communications department he has shower no of never run a corporate public relations department let alone of the department for the united states of america they don't know what they're doing nothing the worst communication's department in the history of the presidency no one could be doing worst of this communications the department i've never seen anything like this why is he doing this do you think this speech is going to go over well with any body at a time like this all you'll call on that and.

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