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In in the year but actually delivered forty seven thousand the highend mobilink lost fear lost coach and it's it'll open but people have actually gone on the is going to be the next board and not just had you know that we could develop a new battery technology which they wanted to put in ohio engine allow store that energy when the winds blow in sunshine in in in this next generation of battery but a lot of in that ship harsh and play site but when this openness share price and may be the next story is the best example of that because apple used to be the hoping to share price and now it really is driving the dow jones soaring to a with twenty two thousand i mean this is an exact example of kind of new kid on the block when they first arrived they were the great pretended they were the alternative they were the ones that people said oh yes they are the future and now they are there the present yeah who how kushner dowry about twenty two thousand last night back who hyper but the us stock market there and uh you know you look apples figures which we had three not to guy and it's just talked to comprehend how many how many of us at buying in a dominant bat market i mean how it is in jail the tech companies like apple in tuzla beauvais naturally it had it and i'm made in yes i all this year but while the us stock market is being pushed and new hoist stolen in hopes of tax helps them trump i'm the door poland coach twenty seven month low you know mit basaltic kyle in the white house to mark instilled of signed by made different things let's talk a little bit about deliver rue the taking steps to protect their workers from violence something which has been very much in this little maybe this of domestic news headlines but i guess it's it's now hit the business headlines as as maybe they have been forced to act yeah we have to fill those terrible attacks a couple of weeks ago delivery drivers in east london said live who is is that now there's going to institutions safety measures so i'm going to they're going to have.

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