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We've got a good panel on today. We got ten minutes left in the shell pick back up with Stevie Camco talk about manufacturer specs it could take it away. Steve banks Bill. I mean, you are absolutely right. I mean when we talk about specs it is very important to take a look at what the manufactures recommending right that takes away. Most of the headache your following rules and regulations already that are in place that has gone through certification process nationwide. Certification most cases, so. You know that that's a great hurdle to jump over quickly by following directions. And we've seen that many times if you go out to inspection, and we see why was it done this way or we see shingles failing. Sometimes it's like immediately go back and see what what the issue is. You can quite mostly ninety nine percent of the time relation installation issues poison. Exactly, the you know, not all not all installers are equal, especially when these hailstorms common. There is a big demand for the roof. Oh, yeah. You know, there's new people coming out into the industry. The really don't know what they're doing. And you fill said it earlier, it's your product when it's done the insurance company does not warrant the work for you. It's also your responsibility to prove that. Right. So I get into communication with the insurance companies rather saying, hey, I want three or five different manufacturer's specs showing that you know, we have a space issue. There has to be eligible surface and stuff. So it's not just one they make us go out and really search it and get it. And they want it from all the menu, and they are different to Stevie Wright, equal Owens. Corning is not go were west versa. And we do our own testing. It starts from the beginning. Like, you said the policyholder, right? I was looking to buy a house earlier this year, and we went through some the policy, and you know, good thing I'm in industry. So I was able to look at it and ask questions and found out that I wasn't probably covered for hail. In colorado. And it's like about. Yes. And and immediately I was like why not covered for this. Right. So it is it is our responsibility to take a look at the policy began really like Ed mentioned. Hey, get an attorney because these guys are watching your back. Right. They're going to take care of you guys. Like, Phil I've been the office while they've gone through you know, taking care of their clients. And I see how much hard work they put into a claim it is their livelihood. And they are they're taking care of their clients. So which is refreshing to see when I've worked with over three thousand contractors here in the Denver area. And when you know fill the top that they're they stand above the rest of which is awesome to see, you know, one of the things is all point out about seventy years ago has gone through my policy. Wait a little bit better price with a policy in effect for about three months that I'm carrying five million dollars liability insurance. Most roofers carry three hundred ten million. We said you'll we're gonna just so we start about ten years. Karen, maybe nine years ago came five million. And I got a little bit of a discounted price. When you're like. Oh, wow. This is great. So I'm gonna juster right? I've been trained as villas to trained on Gulf Coast. Policies and I decided I'm going to read my policy, which is like even moment. Adjuster? I don't want to read my own policy right cycle through and read it and we have an open roof. Exclusion. So people out there, not all contractors not all policies in the same. I want him trying. What is an open roof? Exclusion. Nope. Andrew physicals and says that will you roof is open unless you took basically extreme measures to waterproof, it you have no coverage as the contractor. So people are getting have as many roofers out that many roofers out to that have this. And they don't even know it though. Because also a lot of the roofers are are different races different education levels. That's not there four eight to be reading policy. So I am a roofer. But I'm unique because I was an adjuster, and we do many other things, but when you have an open roof exclusion, the people think that the roofers coverage, but what are you gonna do? If you save a little bit of money, and you hire this for at a thunderstorm hits. And they fled your whole house. Guess what is going on your policy? It's your deductible. You might have a battle insurance company. The contrivance subrogate against the roofer, but the SOL because there's a limit of zero because the roof was open. So I actually had that coverage for a few months in a policy didn't even know. And I'm pretty smart guy. I said I'd better read through all this white cut this discount, and they don't really, you know, everyone's signing off the paperwork. It's just like we're hitting the buttons. So you're not paying attention. So it is really important. Let me tell commercial property owners out there. Commercial property owners warehouses condominiums, you really need to have qualified people review your policies. You have a hailstorm come by. And maybe have limited lawn ordinance. Coverage limited at ten thousand dollars just had one of these in a multi-million dollar claim. But yet space stacking, and you have maybe one hundred eighty thousand dollars, a sheeting gotta redo the ten thousand dollars coverage you're paying for that little bit of a discount when you ordinance and law, you're paying one hundred seventy grand hundred fifty grand hundred grand out of pocket is pretty significant where that's where a a an adjustment. The proper adjustment really can make a difference because you could be limited on the law and ordinance and the truth of the matter is some of that money can be pushed off into the regular repair. It doesn't necessarily all have to be part of the law and ordinance coverage. So it is really important to understand the policy and a adjusting is both a science and an art your takes years of experience to know how you. You can move some of these monies around and use other buckets of coverage. So that you're not out of pocket. Hey jane's. Maybe you could explain to the public went ordinance of law is basically code improvements, but it could be that you're in a gated community and all houses have to be the color pink. And you know, you want to go back and pink expensive color that year. So that you would have to be. You would be required to meet that. And in some time, it's an HOA. I mean, I was dealing with a a residential customer in Castle Rock, and they had paint colors. Right. The roof couldn't be darker colored. Then they're the house of the pain. So the bottom line is is that I mean, they made this roofing contractor and the owner take the roof completely off put on a right color from the HOA. So it's all in there. Well, another interesting things had clam, buddy. You're gonna prominent church in Denver. And we've got the claim from nine hundred thousand up two million one in the tourney. Call me one not add another trees like oh feel. I can't believe it. We're almost at your number. I said, okay. Looked at it and said, yeah, we're right at my number. Okay. Great. Okay. We're going to wrap this up as well. Hold on. Let me review at night. I reviewed it. With a two hundred fifty limited coverage on Hornets. Lots of big church an shifted over to about four hundred and change for a tapered installation on this giant flat roof and some other roofs on the property, and I was like hold on. Can you bought a week with an I went back? And I started testing said, you know, let's go test that flat roof, we just cut at the edges. I started cutting it up doing my tests cuts to the middle. I found that the tapered installation was existing was able to take one hundred forty three thousand were just moved experience comes in play. Like, I said earlier, and this is where we were great with the attorneys and can help them this. I took my contracting. Ingesting spares shifted the hundred and forty-three thousand over showed the pictures had my engineer run out there documented cost me about a grand, and we shifted a hundred and three over. So we fifty we only ended up seven thousand over our to fifty which saved our client hundred and forty-three thousand so we did it's the same number. But we would have been limited on that one coverage which bucket of coverage you put it in. And it takes experience to know that and and you know, the insurance companies want to do the right thing. I'm not saying they don't. But you know, if you don't know this. You could be on the hook for that money. No. Yeah. Absolutely beyond for that money, and the insurance company may not know it so when David. And the three my attorney into time. Didn't know it. That's where the expertise the multi brains comes in. It's really a huge deal. So we're.

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