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Had over in nine minute advantage at halftime to this point Nebraska, still will the over seven minute advantage. But Ohio State won't care about that. If they can continue to kill this block that now roles to the five minute, Mark. First and ten from the Nebraska, forty two straight ahead. Little delays got a wholly into the defensive backfield. Fifteen ten five Jay Dobbins has his third touchdown of the game. This went for forty two yards. Oh. Vice one by this gives played well all day and every said their running game had to get going and need to emphasize that they stay with it. Dobbins looked ahead of MRI. Stop at the line of scrimmage, and he broke a tackle would Nebraska we've being behind late before quarter selling out. So there's nobody in the back end of slowing down. Once you got that I way too quickly. Couldn't catch him, right? For touch though. Dobbins over one hundred yards on the day went for one hundred and Twenty-one earlier this season against TCU last year went one hundred and six at Nebraska now, the buckeyes are gonna go for two thirty six twenty four they lead by twelve. So they put it on the lot Pash Dobbins stays in Haskins brings hill in motion. He'll pull up slot right Haskins wants to throw steps up and he's going to get wrapped up at the two yard line and kept short. Hosts pasta tacklers, I don't know what the officials are waiting for on the whistle there. But maybe that's why Askins doesn't run. They stand him up. They hold him up and they take their time on the whistle. So the two point conversion fails for Ohio.

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