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They're all breaking down the masters from beginning to an ephedrine wins. You hear crickets baby. Different Tigers tiger's hangers. Absolutely. Yeah. No. He's he's in a category by himself. Tigers not a golfer. Tiger is a superstar. He's a superstar. So whatever he does whether air getting arrested, whether it's having an affair whether it's having his game come unhinged or whether it's winning his first major in eleven years. It's the biggest story, you know? What's so funny about him? He's a superstar without leaving the comforts of sport. What I mean by that is Serena LeBron, you know, any of the other Jordan, they all became superstars and went beyond their sport. Tiger is pretty much as Goff. He's not movies. He's not out doing other pop cultural sort of things to grow. He brought pup coach to him. Yeah. And that to me is the most fascinating even Muhammed Ali who I talked about before they had a great his comeback. He did albums appeared on TV and talk shows and other stuff all the time. I was raised with our co-ceo gray Howard Cosell is well known he. Was constantly pushing beyond the comfort of boxing to me tiger. Whether he wanted to or not became a touchtone without really doing any of that came to him. Keep. Yeah. I would think a lot of that is because he was the first of his kind to ever do it for sure to begin with for sure where where in basketball to two degrees. In tennis. There's other minorities have played at that at the level to some degree that a lot of guys have nobody there's a minority ever played at the level tiger that have. No, he talked about people playing on the PGA tour prior to Tiger Woods that people have colored that you know, it's like Calvin p it's Jim Thorpe. They never had any success. Like that. I mean, they they didn't have a man like that. And it it it's partially that because it was the first time we'd ever seen. It's like who is that. What what are you? He did what? So you're you're curious. At the beginning. Who is that? It turns out that he's also an it's not because of a personality necessarily because his personality is kind of benign, if not a little dorky, I couldn't hang with that. No. I think a lot of you. But if you were in you were in the class of me and Travis you certainly could hang with that. Because that's out. Sorry, guys. We're gonna get onto a class. Eddie. Eddie your phone to sleep before my second cocktail what he is though is and it's not personality driven. It's performance driven for sure. But then there's that theory all x factor. It factor whatever he's magnetic. You wanna watch him that whatever he's doing? I don't know if it's his smile. I don't know if it's the way that he plays. But there's something about that guy that is incredibly compelling to watch him compete and do what he does. Whereas there are like Dustin Johnson. For instance, is a great golfer hits in a mile winds has a great body has he's in great shale. Don't wanna watch. Here's nobody cares. That's exactly right. I spent three hours day yesterday missing tiger. You guys said nobody cares. I don't watch golf. But I knew he was okay. So part of it's a Paulina Gretzky factor and all these other things, but tiger brings people into the tent that have no interest in golf tiger. Like, I if I could fast forward, my television, how they cutting shots and show. I don't wanna see them. Do just wants the coach so meet at three this pair. Tiger. Yeah. And that's all I wanna walk through halls, and I'll walk away for a little while switch on the other server, and I come back and password all the white people just not the dark nineteen up or stop stop now. Wait, where's? China claims yesterday saying that his nose. Hang in there who who wanted to claim him because he these Polynesia I'm like, he. Yeah. But I can't really the no out of jewelry and try to figure it out, but we constantly VJ Singh. What does the Doug as you are but one with a little bit? But I'm gonna take EJ sing when he'll top when he's on top. I want to go back to females knows..

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