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To have you decided yet who you wanted to be quarantined with if you only had two people to be quarantined with you well in the short notice here yes I have I have selected a Cup is one of them steeper trend it is not okay that's shocking who've used to let me my video chat so it might the so I just I selected Doris Kearns Goodwin very nice residential historian said to go tell me another story to tell me another story to say something brilliant tell me about Roosevelt again and then this one's your good probably laugh at this one but Frank Caliendo do another impression do another impression right that's funny so then you have the serious on one hand and then laughing on the other hand both of them would want to clobber you probably after about ten minutes I'm not I'm not you're trying to monkey I'm not going to just do tricks for the whole time see the Doris Kearns Goodwin could put a scenario out there historic scenario and then Frank Caliendo could do the voice of it now you should have complete recreation Steve you seldom disappoint that's really that's better than I'd hoped for any of us well done thank you Mr ended if you have been working on this film yeah kind of a similar TransCanada ought here can Jerry Seinfeld got it because I think and not only would it be funny but I think he could explain a lot of these things that are going on right now why is it that the virus the when I wondered why not that there's anything wrong with washing your hands but I would second okay sign filled for you who else has one you get more team with two people that are in your family right and then the other is the guy who came up with that the P. ninety X. videos Worden yeah because I sent a redo ice I Sir doing those again yeah it's been like five years but I figure now that there's no gym to go to and I I can't take classes or anything I would work out at home like a lot of people are doing and so I've been watching the old P. ninety X. he's in so I figure if he's there Hey I get it even better work out right P. ninety X. videos are these the famously impossibly strenuous videos workout regimes that people are really into some time ago you want to be with that guy which is the here's a difference between you and me Dave I was thinking about a bartender that's good so I'm I'm like pastry chef or bartender would be one of mine the the P. ninety X. guys on the outside he's not getting in to my quarantine I don't know who the other person is yet I like I like something like Doris Kearns Goodwin but Jerry Seinfeld who would be interesting not Larry David no that would be the opposite of somebody that might be fun conversationalist you know that I I must say the guy that does Thomas Jefferson and teddy Roosevelt clay Jenkinson when we do those shows where we invited president on the stage each year and we do have one scheduled for October of this year Thomas Jefferson in advance of the election will talk to us about America and I think clay Jenkinson the man that does those would be he's a he's he's so deferential even though he's brilliant he's very accommodating he's a good listener he's very funny and you see that when he's onstage clay if you're listening I think I might ask you to be one of them and then a bartender I think those two would be a really good bartender would be the other one those bills will still roll cons colonel black credible wagon and and see what we can get out of them I I had to raise my eyes when I saw that Harvey Weinstein is now one of the people with the corona virus add to the celebrity list of people who have the virus which is interesting I think because it is proof that no one is immune that we should all be diligent I'm worried that we're going to get lax about this after a while you're not going to have it I'm not going to have it the numbers will start to go down I'm going to say okay we got this thing we have to stay on this flight day one through the middle of whenever let's see the state of Illinois I think is asking us to do this until April seventh and the federal government even longer so let's let's not let our guard down because we're to go bare first guy in the NBA that we heard of that hat and then the other stars whose names you know Kevin Durant has it Idris Elba Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson yeah those are the first ones right you want while but every day it's just somebody else who's famous and many thousands of people who are not the wife of Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau's wife Sophie Gregoire R. Trudeau has it Harvey Weinstein rand Paul and the colon actress Debi Mazor bachelor Colton Underwood Marcus smart among others in the NBA Daniel dae Kim you know you would recognize that actor from lost another TV shows and movies Morocco's prince Albert Sean Payton Dave I didn't see that the coach of the St yeah he was the first person from the NFL or either the league or the team to test positive and he did an interview today John with Peter king for pro football talk and and talked about it and Andy these he said it's it's really been he he got tested Hey guys results back and called is Derry's doctor called with the results and said here's what you gotta do it just been laying low it was good we had a conference call today with the the NFL competition committee but I guess he's recovered no what what what do NFL coaches do they sit around watch film so what do you know what I mean like the busiest week of the year outside of the season it is our coaches with free agency and everything no not that they could travel and then a lot of people who you don't know or know of their titles tell you again that this thing knows no borders and no bounds so the health minister of the UK person with unlimited resources right highly intelligent if anybody should know how to stay safe it would be the health minister of the nation the health minister the UK has it the wife of Spain's prime minister of the home affairs minister of Australia the mayor of Miami the communications director for the president of Brazil was a vector they were worried about transmitting it to the president of the United States Matthew Broderick sister the vice president of a rand and on the list goes right so you and I need to do everything we can to not be on that list of the famous and the infamous and if you are I guess don't be mad at those people let's not shame or blame because anybody it seems can be susceptible maybe because you got it before we were so diligent about this sort of thing which goes to some of the techs were getting you can call or text three one two nine eight one seven two hundred and somebody said John do you know if area golf courses will be allowed to be open this Saturday I saw a lot of people on the golf course near me but that was before five PM I don't know if golf courses I have the governor's edict here I don't see golf courses on there and you figure on a golf course especially if you're golfing with me ain't nobody anywhere near where my ball went so you think that it's very easy to maintain safe social distance on a golf course I know a number of the courses where I normally play have closed and I think some of it also is for their employees right that would be a concern when that yeah I think some people are just rolling out on to the course grab your clubs and just play with that could be male thank you your honor that some of it Patrick you're on WG are what we do for you just six point out that I think that a lot of people listening right now know about a couple people that had V. slash corona virus that we didn't know it was coronavirus December January February when if you like we can half almost two weeks more like complaining and why she also said yeah I got this thing and it hasn't gone away while you know holy cow I've been sick for almost a week and a half two weeks it's ridiculous you know and we trust kids to solve everybody that it was a corona virus thank god and now we can put cascades well son now we have districts will obviously will consult show related to academic wouldn't sexually there already and now that we just have to ask you if we can prove that it's their right yeah Laura yeah you know because people will now I answered you know just that now they have been very test kitchen she worked doctors said all you got the flu go home you know racks Hey get better right and that's kind of what they're doing now Patrick I mean New York state said that they're not even going to test people that have symptoms because they have limited test kits and the treatment is going to be the same whether you have it or not they want everybody to act like you have it if if for instance you went in in New York and got tested they said you're positive they send you back home and said self quarantine there's no point coming in and infecting people along the way everybody right and lesser known right now Lester existence is so dire that you've got to be hospitalized their name on a test you right yeah right now we don't call the hospital if you and if you feel like you know the symptoms don't call the fire department just you know test test points that we have and we don't have that many but if you notice daily we have more more people testing positive for what we had twelve kids yeah it's going on right and that's kind of where I think got you guys but don't trash in general are failing us and they're making it seem like the kids worse every day well no it's not get worse every day it's just getting actually I think both may be true I mean obviously we're getting more of numbers because we're actually put more lines in the pond you're going to catch more fish that way but but the but the incidence I think that we may well be going up as well that's why this fourteen day window is so critical right that's the a period of time in which you would have that it would be infectious so we just draw a line in the sand this is what happened Saturday at five PM if you said okay start with whoever has it we don't know but starting Saturday at five PM no one's going to give it to anybody else then the numbers have to go down if we just sensibly stay quarantined Patrick thanks for calling from Plano Illinois I used to work and live there so John you know they took the test the people that are testing positive today have the numbers that we're seeing from these daily press conferences those are people who got it two weeks ago probably my fault people on social media who were fine on Friday couple of them were sick on Saturday and then Sunday they were even more six of people are getting this every day down I think you're absolutely right on that well think about that I mean if if just if you just consider that the line in the sand yes Saturday at five PM that's when the state of Illinois I said we're going to impose upon you measures by which we think you can't transmit it then everything before Saturday at five PM people were still intermingling it was still going to movies and stores and doing stuff not movies on say Friday that had already been shut down but you get the point so really we.

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