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Guidance, saying vaccinated teachers and students do not need to wear masks inside of school buildings. That comes amid a national vaccination campaign in which Children as young as 12 are eligible to get shots, as well as a general decline in covid hospitalizations and deaths. The CDC is not advising schools to require shots for teachers and vaccine eligible kids. However, again, the CDC saying vaccinated teachers and students do not need to wear masks inside of school buildings. Well, some recent developments may have many people raising questions about the fast spreading delta variant of coronavirus and whether a booster shot is needed. Detection fighter is about to seek US authorization for a third shot of its vaccine after an Israeli study showed effectiveness of that shot wanes over time. Joining us live now as Washington Post science reporter Joel Achenbach, Joel, the FDA and the CDCR saying fully vaccinated people for now, don't need a booster. Is this the case where it's possibly everyone is right. Uh, we're hearing from federal health officials and from Pfizer and from other studies, could everybody be right here? Well, clearly, there's a little bit of a of a spat going on between Fizer and the federal agencies because Pfizer yesterday put out a statement saying, we think That you'll need a booster 6 to 12 months after your fully vaccinated and I think the federal agencies or like hold on, you know, this has not been established. Scientifically. We're going to make the call here, not Pfizer. Advisor hasn't shared all of its data from its own clinical trials. And, you know, it does have a A, um you know, a financial interest in and selling more, You know, booster shots. So this is an interesting moment. I mean, the scientifically we know that over time. Your antibodies start to wane against, uh, you know anything out there. The delta is a problem because it already has a little bit of slippery, You know, vaccine of Asian mutations, so we probably will need a booster at some point, But when is the question Yeah, That is the question. What do we know about Johnson and Johnson's one shot vaccine against Delta? There's a lot of talk about the RNA shots from Pfizer and Moderna. What do we know about J and J's one dose vaccine? How well is it holding up? Well, I can tell you what Paul often told me and he's at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is a vaccine expert. He says. He don't need a boost or if you've had the J and J the There's no evidence that you need to go out and get An mrna a shot if you've had that J and J. And the reason is that one shot of J and J gives you a essentially the protection you need against serious or severe illness that you get from two shots of the M R. N A. S The You know, One shot of the fighter or the Madonna doesn't give you as much as one shot at the J and J. There are some differences. The vaccines that J and J is not as protective against, you know, I mild case, and so I understand why people are concerned about it. You know, I think that you know it's all about probabilities in numbers and percentages. Here. There's no way to absolutely protect yourself. Absolutely against an infection with SARS. Kobe too, But if you if you're vaccinated you you should feel good about your your chances. That makes any sense. You know, vaccinations work. The vaccines are great. They do protect against the variance, even though the variants do have a little bit of, you know, slippery quality to him, so get vaccinated. If you haven't done a sense of already, Joel, we appreciate it. Thanks for your time. That's Washington Post science reporter Joel Achenbach. Let's get a look at Wall Street. Jeff Clay bar now is up 385 points the S and P 500 is up. 1% Money news in 10 minutes on w T o p Sports at 15 and.

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