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I'm Suzanne Duval the general it's Christmas in July and then uses the gift that keeps on giving push a big beautiful soft games of being president alright the latest for Iran what could it be updates at the top of the hour and thirty minutes fast I really wonder what could be taking inside this box they'll find out that I can tell you on newsradio wait forty WHAS small ladies and gentleman at Bozeman Lynchburg Ohio and the gaudy is just a prayer away radio broadcast it is written all the churches of Christ salute you it is written what have I to do with the Jews of sauce on of the most high god I'd sure the bar god to torment me not it is written what is the name and he sailed under him on my name is Lee gin for we are many it is written and they be sought him saying send us into the swine we may enter into them it is written and they began to beseech him to depart from their borders it is written Jolene host who are friends and tell them how great things the lord has done for the and how he had mercy on the and there I met him a man.

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