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It's time for the guy like the blind world of legend or the proverbial broken cloth twice a day if you lose a moment where he will mayhew them stumbling an occasional bit of wished inside sauberford though some say they are the news leak we'd like to thank mirror news enough all right welcome back then not for one one zero one one glad i had a derek derek online one good morning derek how are you hey good morning dagger what's gonna oh but about the the character now hurt its r kelly r kelly i will know i don't know i know but a but that is so a up yo heard rumors hollywood of uh satanic uh worship and uh an child molestation may have heard that you know about a few entertainers you know uh yeah um but uh uh what's his name cory failed men have gotta you you've video out about it you know he grew up in the industry yes yes uh and there's also ugly the hash khaw will provide like chopped uh uh it's just amazing that we keep hearing these little snippet of of of this sort of thing going on like this clear cookie yes i wouldn't be surprised that he was at that fear cooking a uh fail after whatever you want to call it a

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