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Disease expert, Dr Lillian Abu says, My hand is now the EPI Center off the pandemic. What we were seeing in Wuhan six months ago five months ago. Now we are their Navy Seas. Monaco Sohrab. He has more in Florida. People now say it's taking weeks to get test results back Some Floridians air now blaming Governor Rhonda Santas for the surge of cases in the state, one protester interrupting a news conference to give the governor a piece of his mind every day and you are doing nothing. For falsifying information. You are misleading. The public older, 4000 people have more cases on the West Coast is well. It's led to a halt in reopening efforts as California orders, bars and movie theatres closed again and in many areas, Jim's churches, hair salons, barbershops and indoor malls are being ordered shutdown. The state's biggest school districts are announcing schools will not reopen in the fall. L. A U. S D Superintendent Austin Buechner Health and Safety of all in the school community is not something we can compromise. Buechner saying school will resume next month. But it will be remote learning like Stone. ABC NEWS Los Angeles Supreme Court overnight, clearing the way for the first federal execution in 17 years. It's had to take place later today at a prison in Indiana. Jeffrey Epstein's former girlfriend charged with grooming victims for his sexual abuse appears in a New York courtroom today. Dylan Maxwell is hoping to be released on a $5 million bond. Prosecutors say she's very good at hiding. Authorities in southern California, confirming they have found the body of former glee star Naya Rivera, who had gone boating with her young son on Lake Pirro last week. We do believe she was in that area when she went swimming based on our conversations with her son. The information that we had from the witnesses in the area. That's the Ventura County Sheriff. Bill IAB. You're listening to ABC News. Can't win Use radio Tommy is for Oh, too. They're calling it the Elephant Butte Fire..

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