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Yeah definitely wanted to. Go out there and throw. The ball over like I said before every, time I tell you that I don't want to put up zeroes You know doesn't what other guys do is out of my control. I just have. To go out there and, do it I can do I know back to the pony express with Andrew Phillip pony as. Far as. I'm concerned that's the voice the best pitcher in baseball Jacob degrom to question is have times. Changed enough for him to win the Cy Young award. That's, today the biggest story in baseball after degrom went out and. Pitched a complete game, yesterday in Philly be affiliate team that is fighting for a playoff spot Nine innings no runs allowed nine strikeouts rundown diagrams numbers He is. I any RA. At one point seven one No other starting pitcher in. The National. League has an IRA under two, this year He is second in. Baserunners allow walks plus hits divided by. Innings pitched known as whip. Fantasy baseball fans he is second in the entire league he is second in strikeouts he is second in innings pitched no other starting pitcher in baseball can boast of, being first or second in as many major categories when it comes to ERA plus. Which is a new way of measuring how effective a pitcher is at allowing runs it tries to even things out. Based. On where you pitch who you pitch for he is the best in baseball When it comes to pitching independent of. Fielding so how do you pitch without the guys behind you affecting what happens to the balls that are in play So what you control as a pitcher he is the best in baseball Where struggles Is in the win loss category He is eight and seven so. He is on pace to go eleven and nine No starting pitcher in nationally kiss-assery Has won a Cy Young? Award with such a pedestrian record The lowest win total is fifteen for a Cy Young award winner Decribes on pace to win eleven Due wins count As a baseball fan As someone who, cares about the game would it bother you If a starting pitcher on a bad team won the Cy Young award, with only eleven wins Eight, five. Five two.

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