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Eventually the crew decided to abandon the fire truck in fully it had got to a point where it was too dangerous to remain in the vehicle I'm John Laurence reports Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is asking parliament to grant him immunity from corruption charges if the request is granted would delay this trial past elections in March where he hopes to win a majority that would shield him from prosecution recent poll indicates a majority of Israelis opposed immunity for Netanyahu we'll wave of anti semitic attacks as people standing in solidarity against hate more from correspondent rebellion after a wave of anti semitic attacks on the Jewish community in New York state New York governor Andrew Cuomo stopped in to spend time in an orthodox Jewish neighborhood in New York City in a show of solidarity and support the governor has directed state police to beef up their presence in Jewish neighborhoods after a violent attack on a Hanukkah celebration by a man armed with an eighteen inch machete who's now facing federal hate crime charges there have been at least fifteen anti semitic crimes reported in New York state since December first the most recent alleged incident new year's day the very same day tens of thousands gathered in stadiums for the Jewish celebration of see you my shops I read the report and live the man wanted in a Hanukkah stabbing on Saturday and town north of New York City says he may have permanent brain damage seventy one year old Joseph human may also be partially paralyzed the rest of his life a million Francis if you owe over ten thousand dollars in back taxes you need a new start our new start.

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